Memorize General Orders in an Hour
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    Memorize General Orders in an Hour

    I have been in the DEP for 2 months, and to my shame, I never memorized my General Orders, and now my squad leader is thinking of making me a Fire team leader. So I decided to get on my game.

    I memorized all 11 General Orders in a single hour this morning using this trick. Not that difficult:

    Get your knowledge book out, and a computer or laptop, and open up a word processor (microsoft word, for example)

    Step 1) Write all 11 General Orders out on MS Word in order 5 times in a row

    Step 2) Write all 11 General Orders out on MS Word backwards (starting with the 11th, ending with the first) 5 times in a row

    Step 3) Write all the odd numbered General Orders out, then the even numbers ones right under it (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) 5 times in a row

    Step 4) Say all your General Orders (as they should be spoken "Sir, this recruit's ## General Orders is _____, Sir", while standing at attention) in order 2 times

    Step 5) Say them in reverse order while at attention 2 times

    Step 6) Say all your General Orders outloud in a random order, to see if you can name them on the spot without a certain order. Do this once or twice

    Final Step) Get a friend to quiz you on them, once in order, and once out of order


    Those General Orders will not leave your head. Just keep reviewing them every single day until they're solid

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    Writing things down is absorbed into ones memory 75% (statistic is varied everyone knows how these things go) more so efficiently than reading or speaking...

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    exactly. that's why I suggest that everyone write them down like 50 times total in this exercise lol

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    Gettin thru MOS School was the first time I learned how to learn. High School was too easy for me. Take a full 8 hours of notes. Back in the barracks re-write them 2 or 3 times. EVERY DAY.

    Believe me, 2841 was not easy. It was 2 year college degree highly condensed. 30 started,,,,,7 finished. I thought boot was hard.

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    Hey, this was actually really helpful. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rough Hands View Post
    Hey, this was actually really helpful. Thanks!
    Sure thing, bud. Tell your pool so they can learn 'em fast as well

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    I just wrote them down a lot during one of my boring classes in high school, worked like a charm and i still passed the class

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    I honestly don't know how I remembered them but I did haha i looked at them twice and can do them word for word almost all of them in 2 weeks

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    i memorized them on the long-ass bus ride from Missouri to Oregon, (yeah im flying next time)

    for some reason #9 gave me issues at first

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    The way I see it, you should be able to remember them without studying as well. Since you won't always have that little document to back you up all the time. See how long you can go remembering them without studying a bit.

    What happened (at least for me) is that I could tell you what any random general order consisted of for about a week without messing up (during said test) then I had to go back to my little document. What happens when you can't remember and you have no backup? You're screwed.

    One way or another you should have something to fall back on when you need help and Mr. Document isn't around. It doesn't have to be much, just something to jar your memory a little, because deep down you still know it.
    Everyone could do this different, of course, but this is what I found that worked for me.

    1- Government is #1.
    2- You see or hear with 2 eyes or ears.
    3- 3 strikes and you are out!
    4- You yell fore in golf.
    5- 5 o clock is quitting time
    6- There are 6 people (sentry, commanding officer, officer of the day, officers, non commissioned officer, and guard) in this one
    7- There are 7 letters in talking
    8- 8 zone alarm panel
    9- Call 911/ E9 is the highest enlisted rank
    10- There are 10 ranks from recruit to an officer rank.
    11- 11 o clock is night time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmac73 View Post
    I honestly don't know how I remembered them but I did haha i looked at them twice and can do them word for word almost all of them in 2 weeks
    Being in ROTC this tends to happen. When I was in, I never studied. I waited until everyone else was called upon and said them to myself based on what I heard, corrected their mistakes of course.

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    Oh damn ROTC only thing i remember is JJ DID TIE BUCKLE, Sgt Maj. Of the Marine Corps , Commandant of the Marine Corps, and the list of commanding officers starting with the president

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    Doing this helped me memorize them word for word in order, I could recite them all within one day.

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    Wow, this is actually working for me. Bookmarked for a monthly exercise and I'll share this with my pool.

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    I can't tell you how effective this was for me. I was struggling with attempting to memorize them one by one at random. Now I got them all down word for word. Will likely do this same thing with JJDIDTIEBUCKLE.

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