Question about OCS to reserves
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    Question about OCS to reserves

    Hey, I'm new to the forum and had a quick question. I'm in the process of applying for OCS and my book will be sent in within the next week. I have been wondering if there is a way to go to the reserves instead of active duty after completing OCS? I talked to my recruiter a while ago about it and he said something along the lines of after completing OCS you could try to get switched to reserves and he couldn't promise anything but he's done it for people before. I just wanted to know how that process works exactly. Would I go to TBS and then train for my mos with everyone doing active duty then just end up in the reserves after that?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Andy, I would suggest you private message "Taco Bell", he is an officer and would know better than one of us.

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    You have to apply for OCC-R directly (R means reserves).

    If you go the regular PLC or OCC route then your commitment is at least 3.5 years on active duty.

    If you do OCC-R you're only on active duty for the 10 weeks at ocs (assuming you're doing OCC-R), TBS for 6 months, and mos school after (time varies, but usually around 3 months), and in the event that your reserve unit gets activated.

    But MAKE SURE you tell your oso that you want to go OCC-R

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    I think at this point it may be too late for me to do that. Also, I'm not sure which direction I would like to go, this is just something I'm tossing around. The way my OSO was talking, it sounded as if after OCS there would still be a way to switch though, is that untrue then?

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    Right now the reserves is hurting for new lieutenants, therefore it is a little easier to get an OCC-R slot than it is to get a regular OCC slot. It shouldn't be too late to switch to a reserve slot if your package hasn't already gone to the boards (which I'm pretty sure it hasn't, because you should have heard if you got selected for OCC-205 by now).

    You need to give us more information. Are you a male or female (i'm assuming you're male with the name of andy)? What's your pft score (for OCC-205, i heard the average pft score for the males selected is high 290s) and gpa? Are you applying for OCC or PLC?

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    Yes, I'm a male. I would be applying for PLC combined as I will be a junior this coming year. My pft is at a 240 right now but is rising quickly. My gpa is a 3.45.

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    The selection process for OCC is about as competitive as I've ever seen it in the 3 years or so that I've been with the OSS. Food for thought is that only 2 out of 18 were selected for the October class as active ground contracts. Both candidates had perfect PFT's, no waivers, and good GPA's. 2 were selected for OCC-Reserve contracts. As CaliSurf said, the reserve slot is slightly less competitive. That being said, I know some pretty stellar prospects that were turned down. Moral of the story is train hard, keep your GPA up, and stay out of trouble, b/c as of right now, just getting to OCS is not easy....let alone success at OCS.

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    I just wanted to update you guys in case anyone else was wondering the same thing I was. After talking to my oso I got the whole story. Since I'm doing PLC combined there is no reserve option like with OCC, but after I finish OCS I can request to switch over to reserves before TBS. Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it.


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