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    Thumbs up Football Players!

    Hey there, I've been playing football since the 8th grade.

    I wanted to know how many football players are poolees, and what position do you play.

    I'm # 73 Defensive End, and just recently got moved from Offensive tackle to Full back haha.
    I think that being on my football team is helping me get ready for bootcamp. Not only the work out part but the mental part of not giving up.

    Well let me know!


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    I played for 11 years, Played as full back in my younger years, 2 years on varsity as a defensive tackle.

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    I played from the age of 4 all the way up to my freshman year in college. (That's how we do it in Texas )Always was a big guy and played offensive and defensive line, but mostly Offensive line. Played all 4 years in High school, was a 3 year letterman, went to go play college ball at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (NCAA Div-3) but quit a mere 2-3 weeks in.

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    I was going to play college football then i found the enlisted papers in front of me haha I think this was the much better choice.

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    Ya I mean for a long time I regretted the decision to quit college ball because not many get that opportunity to play on that level, but if I never had quit, I probably would have never thought about joining the Marines. So yet it was the best decision I made to quit. Was pretty cool for the short time I was there though. Going out to practice and every player out there is top notch. What got me the most when I first went out there was watching the Qb's throw. In high school you would see qb's who couldn't throw very good, all the Qb's on the roster there were throwing perfect spirals, so that was a site to see.

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    Oh and btw, my number was also 73 through most of my playing days

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    # 73 best number never talked to anyone else with the same number

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    Played football for 14 years, including a year in college....

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    Played grades 6-12, several years on varisty. Defensive End, number 62 for all 7 seasons haha

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    # 73 since freshman year been playing since 8th grade as of now i'm a fullback and D-End :P

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    Played all through middle and high school until senior year(this year) when a bad case of the shin splints sidelined me. Still have them, and if I have any chance of surviving RT I needed to quit, learn a different way of running and let them heal. I won't play ball or even letter this year, but that's the sacrifice I have to make in order to be one of The Few and The Proud.

    #59 Inside Linebacker

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    Played football since 6th grade. Middle linebacker, right guard, and former quarterback. Had scholarships to local D2 schools but ultimately passed up on it.
    I miss it every day of my life.

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    I have offers for D3 schools right now but I'm happily telling them I enlisted in the Marine Corps.

    Senior Pic:

    Team Picture(Small team):

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    ive played since i was old enough to play like 7 or 8 but im a senior in high school im starting defensive end #58

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    Jordan AND you have the same ship date as me as of right now! haha I was going to be # 58 but I'm a tight end now so I'm 42 this year

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