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    I'm looking into joining the Corps to become a linguist but have a few questions. Do all linguist jobs fall under "Cryptological Linguists" or are there specifically intrepreters? If there is a difference, how would I go about pursuing a specific one? What kind of work is typically done (ie is it like a desk job most of the time)? And finally, what are your personal opinions/experiences as a linguist, from schooling to deployments, etc? Thanks so much!

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    First off, you need to actual be excepted into the MOS, which can be done by enlisting into a 267X MOS program or getting assigned that MOS during or after MCT after enlisting into the general 2600 occupational field (crypto linguist not guaranteed).

    As for the actual MOS, crypto linguists do not have a primary function of interpreter/translator (though at times they may be called upon to perform in such capacities, as per the MOS manual), that is a separate secondary MOS designator for Marines outside of the 2600 field (267Xs can not hold a secondary MOS of interpreter/translator).

    As for job duties it can differ. If you are in a non-Fleet Marine Force (FMF) unit then it would strictly be a desk job with deployments only possible by becoming an individual augmentee. The other side, being in a FMF unit, you will mostly likely go on field exercises and deployments, but even then for you it would be a desk job since you are female.

    As a 2673 (Korean) linguist I have done two deployments from 3rd Radio Bn (Hawaii). One being the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit participating in exercises in Korea and Australia. The other deployment was as a team leader of a support team attached to a Army Special Operations Detachment Alpha team providing indications and warnings to them as well as the Philippine Marine unit. Currently I am assigned as a analyst in Korea.

    As a linguist it is hard to know what you will be in for. For us, you just sorta roll with it because regardless of whether you are using your language or not, the job you will be doing will for the most part be somewhat interesting (unless you suck at life).

    To any others, if I am wrong on anything please correct me on that!

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