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    back from boot camp

    well im back!! i gradauted from MCRDSD Sept. 19. i feel awesome! choosing to become a Marine is the best decision i have ever made in my life but boot camp was the hardest thing i have ever done as well. i leave for SOI on the 30th and graduate from there on Nov. 24. then its off to a duty station.

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    Congradulations!!!!! Marine!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the Brotherhood/Sisterhood............

    So now when do we see your bootcamp pic..

    You can place in the photo gallery.....



    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine

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    Welcome aboard MARINE !!

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    Your Family & Friends, will forever look at you sorta.."Strange"...
    They know that there has been "A CHANGE" but they will never figure
    out quite what it is....And the "CHANGE IS FOREVER" !!!!
    You will look at your old school buddies...and think...boy are they ever
    immature...LOL Remember they are your buddies...not "P*SS ANTS"...
    Like that positive attitude...not if I graduate...but when I graduate...


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    Hey Brother Marine,

    Welcome back - a Marine this time.

    Its a good reason to celebrate - the birth of a new Marine.


    Can't wait to hear about your boot stories.


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    boot stories hahaha i dont even know where to start. we had a kid kill himself on the rifle range about 75yards behind me. that was messed up. i also have alot of DI stories and i would tell them but they are probly members on this site so pm me and i will tell them.

    Semper Fi


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    Each of us handles the pressures and stresses of boot differently. Often, the internal stressors overflow the bucket and one's ability to cope ends. I remember one woman who "lost" it the third morning while having to stand at attention on line in front of her rack. We had several other "cut" their wrists, or became "gay" all of a sudden just to get out. There were a few with fractures and other injuries from training - but that couldn't of been help. But you made it and now you're a Marine. That is reason to celebrate. Congratulations Marine!

    What was the hardest part of boot and what did you feel was the easiest? What would you tell the poolees to prepare for? I always advise to get a lot of sleep the last few days prior to shipping out.

    semper fi,

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    Good job devil dog. I graduated a week before you (Charlie Company). See you at SOI.

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    i think the hardest part of boot camp is not having anyone real close to you that you can actually talk to ( like your family) physically the hardest part was the hump home after the reaper. all i can tell the poolees is to work on your PT and study the links that this site offers because it gives you some great knowledge to look over.

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    thx man. What was the most fun part what part of PT is the most important to be good at?

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    For PT, the most important thing to work on right now would be your pullups, because it takes so long to build up. They will improve your run time, they will improve your crunches. But if you do pullups now and get better, then all it is is polishing the goods....when I say "they", I mean the DI's. But we all know who does the work....they provide the fear and motivation, cause I sure as hell wouldn't tell any DI that I met "No".

    Stay Motivated,


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    The prob is my pullups are decent I get 14. My run is 20 min but my crunches are only 40. I work my abs but can only seem to go up about 5 crunches a week.

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    Originally posted by Caesar Augustus
    The prob is my pullups are decent I get 14. My run is 20 min but my crunches are only 40. I work my abs but can only seem to go up about 5 crunches a week.
    Try this:

    Monday- do 5 sets of 30 crunches. It doesnt have to be all at the same time. In fact you should probably spread it out. Do 2 sets in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 1 at night. Make sure to drink a lot of water, and eat a lot of foods high in protein.

    Wed- do a split IST, in the morning do as many as you can in 1 minute. In the afternoon, do as many as you can in 30 seconds. Just before bed, do as many as you can in 30 seconds. PUSH IT HARD POOLEE!

    Fri- do a complete IST, as many as you can do in 2:00. Do it in the afternoon so you're stretched out a little.

    Make sure everyday that you workout you're getting plenty of water, plenty of rest, and a lot of protein in your body.

    This is my challenge for you - do it without missing a scheduled day for 2 straight weeks. Then report in on your crunches and let us all know how much you've improved! GOODLUCK! MAKE IT HURT!

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    Now I get up a 4:30 and get to the RS and me and some poolees go to the NASJRB and run 3miles, pushups and sprints and work on our crunches. this morning was rough. MY recruiter runs a 6min mile and he expects us to keep up so we really push it. Then he's like when you have nothing left in you push harder and then when you finish and collapse you know you've given 110%.
    Man I'll be glad when I can say that and really mean. That and doing cadance helps

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