pets at graduation
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    pets at graduation

    I know they can't be at the actual ceremony, but can they be there for family day and such?

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    Off the PI website.....

    Q: What is the policy for dogs?

    A: Pets will not be permitted to run free. When not penned, pets will be leashed or under the positive control of their owner or a responsible representative of the owner. Positive control means that the pet must be under the immediate physical control or voice command of its owner or the owner’s representative and that the owner or their representative is in the vicinity of the animal.

    Except for guide dogs or other handicapped assistance animals, pets are not permitted at any military ceremony, in the medical or dental clinic, barracks, BOQ, temporary lodging facility, officer’s guest house, club facilities, exchange activities, other public facilities or any place where food is sold, stored, prepared or served.

    In my personal opine... I would wait until I got home to love puggy.....

    If your family or friends want to go eat or to the exchange what are you going to do?

    The only other thing to do would be board the animal out in town and after you graduate and are able to leave the base go get him or wait until you take that short ride back to Georgia to see him.

    However....I would just wait until I got home....hassel and expense for your family taking care of puggy and not able to have the visit that was intended with you.

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    Sometimes the rule that there is never a stupid question is stretched to the breaking point, and I think that I have reached mine with reading nonsense.

    I think that I should logoff now, as my objectivity has left me, hopefully just for tonight.

    If you do take the dog, train him to do something obnoxious on someone's leg or foot. That would be fitting for a Marine's dog.

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    Thanks for the answers Marines it was helpful. I only asked because Parris Island's website and ************* don't work on my computer for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PooleeX View Post
    Thanks for the answers Marines it was helpful. I only asked because Parris Island's website and ************* don't work on my computer for some reason.
    the *** mean military

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    I was thinking they only allowed Devildogs to attend.

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    This ones done.

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