Graduating college in two weeks
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    Graduating college in two weeks

    First, I just wanted to say i've been a long time reader of these forums, but this is my first post. I've learned quite a bit from reading the advice the Marines have given and I appreciate that!

    As of today, I will be graduating from Indiana University in less than two weeks (finally). I have been wanting to join the military since 2005, but decided on the Marine Corps in 2007. Once I began reading about the Marine Corps, I was hooked. Unfortunately, like the motto says "The Few, the Proud", it is very difficult to find a Marine to talk to, simply because there are not many around. Also, I attended a liberal arts university, there for you will find even less sources. I began talking to the Officer Candidate recruiter on campus for awhile, but for some reason I have been pretty set on enlisting.

    I am also pretty set on my mos choice: 03xx. I am leaning towards the reserves because as I understand, I will actually be able to select my specific mos ( long as need be). Also, I will be able to work full time and serve my country all at once. As of right now, I still have a few questions and I am hoping some of you Marines can help. I haven't had a chance to go speak to a recruiter as of right now. I did however have a fantastic chance to speak to a former recruiter (was in 20th recon during Vietnam I believe) who just so happens to be my best friends father. Unfortunately, he retired in the 80's I believe, so he isn't up to date on his information, but was an awesome source to talk to.

    My first question is this: I am 26 and I know that I am under the maximum age restriction. However, I was reading a post the other day and he mentioned that his recruiter said he could not join the reserve unit near him because the reserve company commander set the max age at 24. Is this possible? If so, how common is it and what can be done? (ie: join another reserve unit?)

    My final question deals with a previous injury. I understand none of you are doctors (forum rules) but I wanted to ask anyways. I broke both bones in my arm a few years back and now have metal plates in my arm. There is no loss of strength and no range of motion loss so nothing is wrong. Do you think that would disqualify me potentially? I ask, because my friends father said that it probably wouldn't disqualifiy me but I may have to have the plates removed. Have any of you had similar injuries prior to enlisting?

    Thank you for reading my post. Hopefully I can make it to a recruiting station soon to get more answers, but in the mean time it seems like the Marines on this forum give great answers, so I figured it was time for my first post!

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