Getting promoted after NJPs?
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    Getting promoted after NJPs?

    I've been in since December of 2003 and am an 0341- 2 combat deployments (2nd one I was meritoriously promoted to Cpl), good conduct medals, good marks, etc. I re-enlisted to be an SOI instructor and was promoted to Sgt in Feb of 2008. My wife and I were having severe problems (she wanted to finish grad school, but my work schedule wouldn't allow for it, among other things) and it reflected negatively on my work. My fault, I know. Anyway, my command didn't like me too much, and I honestly can't blame them, but one day I had duty and 2 students walked off their post of guarding gear. I was upstairs at the time and a SgtMaj walked in and saw unguarded gear and ripped my head off. Another instructor went to our command and told him I couldn't have relieved them because I was upstairs, but by then it didn't matter- they wanted me out. I was given 2 NJPs for relieving the students and then failing to re-post and given a reduction in rank to Cpl. It was signed by the Battalion Co, who signed the line of the NJP stating the offenses were minor and properly punishable. He also wrote on the fitrep that "MRO can recover if he wants to". This was March of 2009.

    I requested to go back to my old infantry unit and was put in S4 while my package went through. I went to my infantry unit and deployed Jan of this year and just got back. My question is: is there any hope of me picking back up Sgt before my eas, which is 01/27/2012? Is there anywhere to lat move that will accept me?

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    Id say there is a pretty good chance of picking back up depending on cutting scores and your conduct. I had a buddy that was busted from Sgt to Lance and still got back up to Sgt in 2yrs. Needles to say he had to be s**t hot to do it.
    Ive had a few 03s lat or reup to Arty. We tend to have lower scores to Sgt.
    Might think about that.

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    Also your gona need to fill out your profile.

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    I was busted from Sgt to Cpl and I picked it right back up as soon I could. I think I had to wait a year from losing the stripe to putting it back on. Back in the late 90's -- for what it's worth. You can overcome it, not sure about your timeline, but it's doable. Good luck, Semper Fi.

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    It probably wouldn't hurt talking to the career planner.He should be able to give info on lat moves and on cutting scores in other Mos's.Good luck and Semper Fi

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