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    Question Battlefield Equipment

    Im posting this because il have a friend who will be going down range soon an i thought that i would send him some equipment if he needed it/what i have to offer at the time. an i usually send the regular stuff all soldiers can use i.e Jerky, dip, baby whipes,sometimes radio pouches an other more tactical things drop leg pouches,eye.ear pro. gloves, mil radio headsets..dont ask werer it comes from...i have a friend in the army that just came back from down range an greatly appreciates the stuff i sent him an put it to use..but i dont know what kinda personal kit the Marines get to roll down range with so id appreciate it if a few currently active 03xx can fill me in so i can help one of your brothers out.

    and also thank every one of you who have served our great nation past or present.


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    same kinda stuff.....beef jerky, boot socks, jolly ranchers, hand sanitizer....

    I sent a friend of mine all this plus a few other misc. things that he wanted

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    ok cool
    if anyone has any other ideas for good items to send let me know ok

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