Nicknames given by your Marines.
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    Nicknames given by your Marines.

    What nicknames have you been given by your Marines or have called other Marines.

    My Marines took to calling my "Feisty-Old-Goat" after a bar-fight in Kin-ville. I was a 33yo Sgt who had returned to active duty after a 4year break so I was quite a bit older than my peers.
    Other names I have bee called are, Old-Man, Red Foreman(that 70s show dad)and Water Matthau(Actor in the Movie "Grumpy Old Men" now deceased).

    I guess they thought I was a bit grumpy.

    We used to call one of our Lieutenants, "Lord Helmet" he was a short guy with a huge melon and when he put on his Kevlar he looked allot like Rick Morainus in the movie "Spaceballs".

    Lets hear your names.

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    One that followed me the most was Chaps, apparently i resembled a chaplain that one of my senior marines knew, had a few other ones Melroid, motorose. Last name is Melrose so throw things in i'm sure i was dubbed with it.

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    gubba, gubster, the gubster

    Not sure how I wound up with that one. One of my brothers called me that while partying at Willies in Subic. Just kinda stuck.

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    It does have something to do with me being Asian and Asians not being able to distinguish between "L" and "R" but it didn't start from that. When I was the new guy in the shop we went on a food run and my Sgt (whose initial "R" was on the cup) and I (not even thinking what "R" stood for) were practically drinking off the same cup with one straw. Wondering who kept on moving my drink I just finished the damn thing off and threw it away. Of course the whole shop knew it all along and ratted me out when he started asking around for his drink. Still knowing nothing about what that "R" meant I just said I drank it all and threw it away.

    Then there came phrases like "ROR (Raugh Out Roud)," "Dericious," and so on... And I am the only 'real' Asian in the shop so I get all that attention. Lol, we still joke around whenever we send someone to get Jamba Juice.

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    After I 'graduated' from Comm school, I was sent out with 'Easy Co. on a two day patrol. The Company Gunny, asked me a question, I forget what it was, but he called me 'Sparks'. I told him, that my name was Ken, not 'Sparks, sparks is what you get when you scratch your ass in a dark room. The Gunny thought that was funny, but he never called me 'Sparks' again. We became good friends. S/F!!! Ken

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    Ive been called Bear and Houserbush. My last name is Houserman. I have more hair on my chest than Bigfoot. My sweetheart called me Bear too.

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    Before transfering from Active Duty to Reserves, I repaired Duece Gear, GP and CP Tents and Jeep seats. When I got to my Reserve unit, VMO-4, as an aircraft mechanic, they called me "Omar" as in "Omar the tent maker" and because of my affinity with knives they also called me "Rambo". I wont repeat the nickname the Drill Instructors called me, but it was well earned.

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    I earned La Gata & Casper.

    La Gata because the guys said I looked like I was on the prowl when I walked. Casper because I was the only white spot in a group that cliqued at A School.

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    The one I used to get called was Osama Ben Otten used to make me mad as hell, still does lol

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    Short round and skosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by echo3oscar1833 View Post
    The one I used to get called was Osama Ben Otten used to make me mad as hell,
    hehe did ya commence stretching muhdafruckers out cold

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    Gonzo... It has been and always be Gonzo.

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    I got different ones, I'm the only blk guy in my squad.
    Jigga Bear
    Johnny Boy (No ****)
    Scarlett Johanson (Because I'm the exact opposite of her)
    And a couple other that I will not post that are internal to my platoon that are funny.)

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    "Guido" and "WOP" from my Lt.

    "The Don" by the Cpl that worked for me in the office and "Old Man" from the Marines down in the shop.

    "Fat kid" from one Marine that I saw regularly throughout my 9+ years in.

    "Hey Fat Kid"
    Good morning Corporal (Me as a PFC and Lance)

    "Hey Fat Kid"
    Good Morning Sergeant (Me a Corporal)

    "Hey Fat Kid"
    Good Morning Staff Sergeant (Me as a Sergeant)

    If there was ever one Marine I would call my mentor it was him. Excellent NCO and SNCO. When I checked in he didn't take it easy on me by any means and I owe my promotion to Lance Corporal and Corporal to him and in part my promotion to Sergeant because of the awesome training and leadership he provided. I am glad I got to see him throughout my career. Interestingly, after he left the unit and went on recruiting duty I stopped by my recruiters office on leave to say hi and talk to poolee's and there he was, in RI, recruiting.

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    In I.T.S. at Camp Pendleton someone started calling me Mookie, forget why and it stuck, but everyone called me that. It was like " oh, that's pfc Mookie, L/cpl Mookie"...etc. Then we got a big guy in our platoon whose nickname was Dookie so we were referred to as 'Mookie and Dookie' in wpns. plt.

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