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    OK ,Guys I added a new link to my list of place to locate your Platoon Books

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    SAN DIEGO 1951 Platoon 158

    I am searching to purchase for my proud Marine hubby
    San Diego Platoon 158 in 1951.........Thank you Patti

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobie48 View Post
    Sir, (Marine) if you have Plt# 2050 that graduated "June 1969" in San Diego, I would really appreciated this Plt "2050" my Dad - Joseph D. Escobedo graduated with this platoon - my name is also JosepH D. Escobedo adress: 11916 Leah Ct. N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87112 - if you do have this I pray my Lord "Jesus Christ" will bless you more for all the work you do for Marnes. .
    Please see my post above as to where you can get any SD books and photos!!!!

    Commander CT 31-1
    Combat Vets Association

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckH View Post
    Patti.. Please fill out your profile with more than a name, You will get a better response.
    Also... use the search function here... You can order a San Diego Platoon book from all the way back to the late 30's. You can also get Platoon photo's as well.

    www dot platoonphoto dot com
    your links aren't working so I fixed them...

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    I have been posting that link for about a year now.. LOL

    Commander CT 31-1
    Combat Vets Association

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    Please fill out your profile completely as per site rules before posting.

    Commander CT 31-1
    Combat Vets Association

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    I don't know how many times I have done this, but I Love my "Dad" (Joseph D. Escobdo) who was in Plt 2050 (MCRD San Diego), I have made it a promise to myself and Dad, since he has been quite ill, to try to find his "Graduation Photo" from the platoon graduate album...please help - my email:

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    Trying to locate Platoon Book from San Diego. Graduated in Dec of '63, Platoon 378.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoodsrus View Post
    Trying to locate Platoon Book from San Diego. Graduated in Dec of '63, Platoon 378.
    Can't guaranty you but they have a platoon photo of that platoon and year


    follow the link OK

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowpoke View Post
    I have a USNTC grad book from 1969,where can I try to find it's owner?
    I've been to the USNTC site but couldn't find a thread on lost grad books.
    Any info would be appreciated.

    Well it want be here that's for sure..LOL

    try eBay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine1955 View Post
    Well it want be here that's for sure..LOL

    try eBay
    No you said before, eBay kicked you out for giving your books away.....I intend to do the same w/this to the owner who served.

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    I was in platoon 1035 graduating on sept 27 1966. Is this the book you have?
    Mike Luthe

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    Added New Books People...

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    I still have no luck finding a copy of my MCRD Platoon 2072 or 2069, September 1974 graduation boot camp book. Long story short, I got dropped and later picked up and graduated with 2072. Semper fi...

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    I am looking for Platoon 370 book graduated August 1970 Paris Island SDI SSgt Thurman any help would be nice. Thanks

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