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    Hey Marines I have added a book to my list.
    It's Platoon 1045 from Jule 3 , 1978 to Sept. of 1978 so check it out.See if I have yours or not...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockwellrocky1 View Post
    Im not a troll i shed my blood for the CORPS, GOD AND COUNTRY. How do i know you are not the troll. Im offended that you would even sugest such a thing. Im just trying to locate my yearbook. I thought i might get some assistance on this site.

    Fill out your profile Lady or stay off our site!!! other wise your nothing but a troll!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Platoon Yearbook

    I am trying to find my yearbook. I went through Paris Island. We were series 2088 and I was in platoon 2089. Graduated in November 1988. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    MCRD Aug 1981 Graduation

    I am not sure of the platoon number. My Sr. Drill Instructor was SSgt Albritton and we had Sgt. Cox. I am looking for the yearbook and the graduation group photo.

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    2065 or 2072 graduation book

    I went through boot camp on june 24, 1974 graduated from MCRD around September 20, 1974. I am searching for the graduation book of 2065 and 2072. So please keep on the look for any graduation book in any of these platoon's. Thank you...Semper Fi.. At the moment I am trying to find out how I can make a copy from a Lp record to a CD it is a copy of September 1974 MCRD training...cadence, D.I. yelling..the whole boot camp training..including Edison Range etc. When I have done this I will let you all know. I bought the record after my 1974 the P.X...I have recently inherited a 1968 marine corp boot camp Lp as I have two...awesome stuff.

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    Looking for yearbook

    Hello I am currently looking for a yearbook for 1st battalion Platoon 1000 Paris Island years 72-74. If anyone is able to comply that would be very helpful.

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    Do you have MCRD SAN DIEGO 1st Bn Plt 1042. You may contact me here or Semper Fi Bro.

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    NO links or sales will be conducted on this thread, PERIOD. Anyone doing so will be deleted.

    NO non Marines are allowed to sell anything on this site, PERIOD. Those attemping to do so without prior approval of the site owner will be BANNED as spammers.

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    I am lucky to still have mine. Wish I could locate more of my platoon. 3029 Lima Co. Graduated Dec 1994

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    I keep checking each month still no cigar. I fear I will be dead before I ever find PI 1969, Platoon 235. Most of those in my first platoon were KIA in Nam, only seven of us made it out of Nam. This platoon book will be very, very hard to find, and I would pay a large sum of money for this book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capsfan34 View Post
    I am lucky to still have mine. Wish I could locate more of my platoon. 3029 Lima Co. Graduated Dec 1994
    if you contact they will place an add in there mag. for free saying your trying to locate your fellow brothers.
    PM me and I give you me number and I'll walk you through it better..

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    I graduate in Sept of 1981, platoon number 2045. Thanks My email is

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    platoon book.

    Looking for my platoon graduation book. 2093 Golf Company. Graduation date January 93.

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    Looking for grad book from PLT 129 Parris Island. Grad. May 6 1968. If any one finds one let me know either here or at

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