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    yes sir

    sir year marine god bless you god bless america,
    so my question is do you have a platoon book from parris island plt.219 1974

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    I graduated platoon 272 (Honor Platoon) in Sept 1970 and I will let someone use it to look at or maybe get one made off of it. IF YOU TAKE MY BOOK AND DO NOT RETURN IT THE LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES WILL BE THE LATE FEES.

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    I don't know if i'm posting in the right place..looking for info on my Father..i'm looking for any info on his Platoon 269 USMC San Diego in 1942.... officers were Sgt. O.P. Berry and Cpl. A.W. Schlepp. Thanks with any help at all~ Godbless

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    MCRDSD Plt 2137 Graduation Book lost in a fire on 1-3-2011.....looking for another....
    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by m14ed View Post
    Give that a try . that site will post platoon books as they get them, and also post pic's sent them.
    GoodLuck Marines, SemperFidelis

    Dont Stop Trying
    Good luck

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    I have in my hands, 3 yearbooks from PI. Platoon 1035; 2nd Batt. Platoons 574, 577, 581, 586, 590, 592; and 1st Batt. Platoons 178, 183. If you are interested in these books please let me know asap. I would only charge cost of shipping.

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    I need platoon 183 from 1970.

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    I need Platoon 267 platoon book from 1972 on Parris Island

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    I am lookin for a platoon 2072 bootcamp year book any leads any body.

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    Looking for Platoon 2072 book MCRD Sept 1974

    I have called MCRD they do not have this in stock if any body can help drop me a line . Semper Fi.

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    OK ladies and gentlemen, I have one more source for you too check on for Platoon books.

    If you went to San Diego Ca. you need to email this Marine also and see if she can locate your platoon Book and her email is

    I hope this helps you all who are looking for your Platoon Books.

    Semper Fi & good Luck

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    Hardest to find

    Platoon numbers were recycled from time to time. When I was at PI (1969) my first platoon number was 235 then I was set back two weeks before graduation and ended up in platoon 240. I have my book 240 (1969) what I have been looking for, for 41 years is my first platoon book 235. I am willing to pay good money for that book why, all those guys in 235 ended up with me in Nam its important I find this platoon book 235 before I die. I score this one PI Graduation platoon book (1969) the most hardest to fine I do fear I will never find one.

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    Good luck brother. I was there in 1970 with Platoon 272. I been looking for one of the little red notebooks we use in boot camp.

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    Well said brother


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