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    USMC Buddy System

    I was wondering if anyone had any information about the buddy system.
    Also, If I have already joined and have a ship date but, I have a freind thats joining can we still do the buddy system even though I am already a poolee? I have not gotten my job yet as the jobs I want are full until Oct. 1st.

    I am in the process of moving and getting a new recruiter so I dont currently have the means to ask one. Thanks for the time as always Marines.

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    As I recall the Buddy system is your buddy gets 2 Lewinsky's and brings you back one.
    Seriously, as I recall the Buddy System did nothing but you two in boot together,[when you can't talk anyway], After boot,,,seperation. Buddy System ment crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkie View Post
    As I recall the Buddy system is your buddy gets 2 Lewinsky's and brings you back one.
    Seriously, as I recall the Buddy System did nothing but you two in boot together,[when you can't talk anyway], After boot,,,seperation. Buddy System ment crap.
    Same here Sparkie.

    Boot and ITR together.

    Home on leave together and then didn't see him again until EAS.

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    I'm almost postitive you both have to enlist at the same time to be considered for the buddy program to go to boot camp/recruit training. I don't think you want out from the DEP, and then start the process all over again. And what happens if your buddy doesn't qualify, then you just screwed yourself from going to MCRD when you should have instead of waiting to go with your buddy.

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    Yes Maam Thanks. And thanks to the other Marines. I was curious about the system because ive heard about it but never got any info on it. I have close friend/ scratch that Brother who was going to sign as an airman but instead is thinking of the Marines. I didnt know how far the system took you but, I knew if it worked and we ever did it if it was possible he'd be the guy I'd want with me through it all. Great friend, I guess I'll see him in the fleet sooner or later and besides I KNOW there will be others I'd want watching my six. No one better than a Marine.

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    A kid from my RSS joined in the buddy program when his friend had been in DEP for about six months already. I think it depends but its possible.

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    When i did the buddy system with a high school friend i enlisted months after him and yes its only boot and MCT or ITB

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    What if we picked the same job tier and/or MOS? I mean I dont necessarily see us in the Fleet together necessarily but im just curious about it. I mean Its not a for sure thing just getting information some for myself but mostly for him.

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    The Marines here aren't recruiters and can only offer advice.
    The best answers you can get on the Marine Corps buddy system is asking your recruiter about it. He/she will have the most up-to-date info on it.

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    Buddies on my quaterdeck......

    Last night I talked to the guy that I went to Parris Island on the buddy program with, awe.

    We were close friends going in, and we remain to this day. After bootcamp and MCT (back then we all went) we both went our separate ways, he became a nasty reservist and regrets it to this day,,, I became the wookie.

    We spoke very few words to each other at bootcamp, some facial expressions, but it was "buddy over time" once the training began. Our DI's had lots of fun with the buddies, at the buddies expense. We would do buddy assassinations, buddy .vs buddy wrestling, and tag team buddy wrestling. This was where one set of buddies would team up to take on another set of buddies that were in our platoon. We usually did tag team buddy wrestling .vs the other two buddies from Boston. Both of those guys I still stay in touch with via FB.

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    Thanks WMarine. I realize its advice and I mostly wanted takes on it to begin with. I appreciate it and now that I got my new recruiter I can continue to get that kind of information from him.

    thewookie: thanks for the bit of inspiring, and yet thought igniting words. I see that it could workout very well and yet maybe not so well. I would like for it to turn out the better way. Hes a good kid. I know Ill make friends, but its something more to me to experience with someone who's already a brother to me. We talked a lot about the what ifs and stuff. Its up to him to decide what path he takes, regardless of his future and our jobs, I will earn that EGA with him by my side and with pride or alone and still with pride.

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    When you get to boot camp, you'll have no time to think about your buddy. You won't even know if he is there or isn't.

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    I joined on the buddy system sorta. Then my "buddy" caught the clap a week before shipping. I shipped on time and he shipped a couple weeks later. I caught a glimpse of him in the chow hall one time and never saw him again.... ever.

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    Thanks for the insight and sobering thought. Didnt really dawn on me Ill be too preoccupied to care no?

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