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    Well its been a while, so I thought I would update on what is going on. Dan got awards at Camp Lajune for being first in his company for physical fitness. Then he went on to his first of two schools for his MOS of Forward Artillary Observer and he was given an award for being first in his class. When he went to the 2nd part of the class in california, he did not come in first, but his buddy did. So now he and his buddy are in the same room at Camp Pendelton at the first duty station, and they decided for an upcoming inspection to put their " Top of Class" awards on a shelf.
    Well some high ranking Marine came through, and decided He wanted the best of the best to serve in Afghanistan. Dan was sent to Kajaki with only a 2 week special
    course, and did not get to go to VIPER for the longer training sessions. He has been in Kajaki for a few months now and has called in rockets and mortar fire and is
    doing his job the best he can. I am very proud of him, as his two MC Grandfathers
    would be if they were still with us. Semper Fi my Son !!!!!!!!!

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    I am very happy to report that Dan landed safely in California yesterday after a 20 hour flight and is home safe from his 7 month deployment to Kajaki, Afghanistan !!

    Thank you all for your prayers !!!

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