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    I already had my tattoo waiver and my grandmother died so I got another tattoo on my back. If I tell my recruiter will he just do another waiver?

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    If you already swore in I do beleive that will be a problem. I was just about to get a tattoo for my grandfather passing but my recruiter would not let me he did not explain the rules about tattoos to me except for your not allowed to get one after you swear in.

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    What the hell!!!!!! Here we go again..........

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    Hey poolees...this part of the forum is for Marines only....and I don't see what getting a tattoo has to do with looking for a Leatherneck from a Marines past.
    You have your own forums in the Marine Corps Recruit forum....poolee hall and the Ask A Marine forum.

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    I know they have their own forum and I agree...

    But what does getting a tattoo have to do with Looking For A Leatherneck?

    And to the OP sorry about your grandmother.....but if you needed a waiver for the original tattoo.....why in the hell did you go get another one?

    Now your acting like a lost ball in the tall weeds....go see the recruiter and plead stupidity!

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    If you already swore in then you're going to be in huge trouble and possibly discharged. Why in the hell would you do that?

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    it all depends but they have to send it to HQ and they gotta like it enough to let you stay in. Your gonna have to tell your recruiter either way. It makes his job alot harder.

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