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    Quote Originally Posted by 32JJW0311 View Post
    Haha. Nice. But your wrong about running away.
    Haha. I suspect that you aren't going to have to run away.....

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    This kid is a real dip$hyt.
    Just check out some of his other posts:

    "If you go back and talk about how many people you murdered people will think your a dumb ass and not really a Marine but in the army. Army guys talk about killing people." Oh but wait....he meant the National Guard...

    "What are you going to do your in the middle of a war and your unit goes down your the only one left and theirs 1000 enemy soliders surrounding you?"

    "Just about everyone I talk to is like I want Recon, and I just say do you even know what they do? They say no. I'm just like your not going to be shooting your gun as much or if at all."

    "Jump school, SEER School, Dive School, The Mountain School, and many others... It's basically having all the training of a Recon Marine and not being Recon?"

    He has to either be a troll or just straight retarded.

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    Properly extracted. The Helos have spoken.

    Do dumb things, pay the price.

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    And I ran......I ran so far away......oh, nevermind.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    This kid had plenty of motivation....ill placed but plenty!

    Until he started sticking his foot in his mouth and getting a bad case of cranial rectumitis!

    Artificial Intelligence Is NO Match For Natural Stupidity!

    There should be a scoreboard on extractions...sorta like ponies at the track...

    Then the Marines bet on who is going to WIN..PLACE and SHOW.....

    No value....but more fun than managing credits!

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    well watch making marines and ears open eyeballs click you should get all the knowledge you need about boot. the only thing i never had a rack thrown lol but really evry platoon is different its hard to say what to do because sometimes they fire squad leaders scribs guides just to do it so really watch the movies and that should help and good luck.

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    If I may add, laddy ga ga...if you talked to your DI's like this in Boot Camp you wouldn't last very long. In my day they would've beat you.
    Tip: Watch Full Metal Jacket, it was really worse than that as remind me of the one shooting himself....MARINES DON'T WANT kids like want to be a Marine? Then listen more than you speak, Don't be plain stupid, be a leader-(to be a leader you must first be a follower[looks to me as if you can't even follow yet]so learn how to follow then lead).

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