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    Bulk Fuel

    Anybody out there that were Bulk Fuel from `81 to `83?

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    I was in Bulk Fuel Company Camp Pendelton from 81 to 83.

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    You know anyone from Bulk Fuel that were at Camp Lejeune? Semper Fi!

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    I was in there from 84 to 87 at 8th Engineer Support Battalion.

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    I was in Bulk Fuel at Camp Pendelton from the end of '78 up to '82.

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    I was with Bulk Fuel 81 til 90 MCAS EL TORO, CAMP Lejeune,CHERRY POINT,BOUGUE FIELD( with ronr418, do your remember RON)? CAMP HASEN ,TUSTIN, thats about i can remember for now.

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    Hey I leave for boot camp in 2 months and my mos is bulk fuel IV been wanting to talk to some one who has this mos I'm going to be on a reserve unit and I IV heard some negative and some positive things about this mos. I haven't had the opportunity to speak to some one with this mos if some one could share some info on there expirence with this mos

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    What would like to know? My time was during the 80's. I'm sure things have changed You could try "1391 or "Bulk Fuel" on facebook that's were the younger Marines post about the New stuff.

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    By the way "HEY" is not the Best way to start off.

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    Did you enjoy bing a bulk fuel specialist would you recommend it? I'm currently going into the reserve and it's available the reserve unit has other jobs and I'm trying to see if it's a mos that I would like.

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    Out of three Mos's I had in the Service ,that one I liked the best.

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