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    Lat Move ????'s

    I joined the Marine Corps for the career opportunities it has to offer, but sadly I was placed in an MOS that I did not want, like many others before and still many others after me. My current MOS is 1391, and if you know what that is then you can understand why I don't want to do it for the rest of my career. I am looking to lat move as soon as I can and I was just wondering if anyone out there has lat moved or knows the process a little better then I do.

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    Semper Fi.

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    Talk to your career planner once you are close to your 2 year TiS mark.

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    I did it and couldn't really complain. The best advice I can give is to stay in constant contact with your 'jammer as your reenlistment time approaches..or as soon as you are able to lat/move. That way you know what's coming down the pike and whats available. Stay on top of the MARADMINS that come out, research, and decide what you want to do, and if you are qualified to do it. Be prepared to re-train, and PCS after you do. Don't hope for a bonus or anything else.

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