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    MCAS Yuma...MWSS-371. Best Unit in the Corps! Rah

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    You may not ever see this, but happy anniversary of being born a Marine on this day 26 years ago (8/22/1986). We were in the same platoon. Platoon 3063, "Killer" Kilo, Blue Thunder. Semper Fi!

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    Camp Lejune!972-1974. eigth comm. bn. radio plt.

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    1999-Parris Island, 1st BTN, Delta Co. Plt. 1106
    2000-Camp Geiger, MCT
    2000-Camp Johnson, Supply School, 3043
    2000-2002 MWSS-172 Firebirds Okinawa, Japan
    2002-2003 The Basic School, Quantico, VA, Combat Supply
    Sep.2003 EAS

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    Parris Island 08/01/61-10/24/61
    Camp Geige
    NAD McAlester, Okla. Marine Barracks
    NATTC Memphis, Tenn.
    VMO-6 63-64 Pendleton
    VMO-2. 64-65 Futema & Atsugi
    H&MS-24 Cherry Point

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    MCRD PI - summer 1967
    C&E Bn - BES & Comm Center School - 1967-1968
    Comm Center, CGFMFlant, Camp Elmore VA (Norfolk) - 1968-1969
    Comm Center 1st MAW, Danang RVN - 1969-1970
    Comm Center, H&HS MCAS Beaufort SC 1970-1971
    Message Center, MABS-32, MCAS Beaufort SC 1971-1972
    Comm Center, 3rd FSR, Camp Foster, OKI 1973
    Comm Center, H&HS MCAS, Cherry Point NC 1974-1975
    Defense Communications Agency-Europe Stuttgart, Germany 1975-1978

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    Marine Free Member Jersey0311's Avatar
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    Just across from NYC
    MCRD PI - 14 July 2008 - 10 Oct 2008 Plt 1073 Bravo Co 1st RTBn Lead Series
    SOI - East - 27 Oct 2008 - 19 Dec 2008 - 1st Plt Delta Co ITBn
    Camp Lejeune, NC - 3d Plt / HQ Plt Lima Co 3/6 19 Dec 2008 - 18 May 2012
    People's Republic of New Jersey - 2d Civ Div - 18 May 2012 - Present

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    June 16, 1966 PI
    Sept 1966...Comm School MCRD San Diego
    Sept 1967... Phu Bai VN 2/26
    Jan 1968...Khe Sanh VN 2/26
    Mar 1968...Camp Carroll VN 2/26
    June 1968...Con Thien VN 2/26
    Auc 1968...Quang Tri vn 2/26
    Sept 1968...Dong Ha 1/5
    Nov 1968...Camp Lejeune NC H & S BN
    Feb 1968...Little Creek Va
    Out March 1969

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    Bootcamp MCRD San Diego 1986 PLt 3019
    1st Duty Station:
    NAS Adak, Alaska. Marine Security Forces 3rd Platoon
    2nd Duty Station:
    Camp Pendelton, CA
    3rd BN, 1st Marines India Co. 3rd Platoon "Raider Company"
    Truly enjoyed my time in the Fleet, just missed Granada while I was in Bootcamp.
    Once at Camp Pendleton, Our Company was assigned to work out the bugs and create a training for the rest of the Corps to follow, thus creating the NEW Raider's package for Infantry units. We got to do a lot of high speed low drag stuff that normally was reserved for Recon and Sniper platoons, but we pulled it all together and added 11-15 additional missions to the Marine Infantry Bag of goodies!
    I was serving along side Marines, Seals, and the like and we worked hard so our future Marine Fighters had all the kinks worked out.

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    Parris island platoon 119, fort devens, mass. Asa, camp gieger, nc. Rabat , morocco, back and forth to all again, then discharged gieger,

    Any man can overcome adversity, to find a man's true character give him power.. A. Lincoln:

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    Plt 1065 san diego 1984

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    What MOS were you? I retired as 0231/0251/2629/2643.

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    Remained 0311

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    What was you MOS? I retired as 0231/0251/2629/2643.

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    gunny left gieger with mos of 2571, 2575. and of course 0311 gieger only place i had pneumonia in the summer time....google earthed the place since and it would seem they modernized since i was there in 67.

    Any man can overcome adversity, to find a man's true character give him power.. A. Lincoln:

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