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    Charlie Co, Plt 1079. Boot Camp from June 4 2001-Aug 31, 2001
    India Co, No idea what Plt. MCT Can't remember the dates
    Admin School at Camp Johnson, NC. Graduated in Dec 2001.
    1st Bn, 12th Mar, HQ Btry, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Dec 27, 01-June 3, 2005.

    "Kings of Battle!"

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    04-06 combat assault bn/combat engineer co/2nd plt
    a few months at the end of 06 in 8th engineer support bn/charlie co
    and im about to finish my enlistment in 29 palms as part of Mojave Viper/TTECG as a cyote teaching mechanical breaching and site exploitation

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    aco.3rd. engrs.attach to 2/3 in veitnam 67-68

    go to now you bro. they retied me cause i was wounded by mine in vietnam later usmc sgt.alaniz l

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    (1980) MCRDSD - 2053
    (1981) 29 Palms - Radio Comm School
    (1981-1983) Camp Lejuene - 2nd Comm / 2nd FSSG

    Didn't follow the rules then - wish I had now.

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    Boot Camp MCRD SD PLt 3019, M Company
    MCT Camp Pen
    Comm School, the Stumps
    C/1/7, the Stumps
    TEECG-CAX Evaluators, The Stumps
    H&S Bltn, Quantico
    1st CIV Div

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    Boot Camp Mcrd San Diego Plt 1018 Apr 93
    Mct, Camp Pendleton
    Comm School 29 Palms
    Echo Co, Maint Plt, 3rd Aabn, Ist Mardiv Camp Pendleton
    H&s Co, Communications Plt, 3rd Aabn, Camp Pendleton Till Apr 97

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    What Units

    Boot Dan Diego Platoon 385 1960..Electronics School Mos 6621 San Diego 1961...Macs-9 1961-1963..Mass-3 1963-1964

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    Plt. 1039 MCRDSD 1980 (SDI Truscot)
    NAS Memphis (Animal House)
    HMS 31 MCAS Beaufort VMFA 333
    MCAS Kaneohe Bay HMS 24 VMFA 232
    MCAS Iwakuni VMFA 232 HMS 15
    NAS Atsugi
    MCAS El Toro
    General Electric CER Ohio
    VFAT 101 Yuma AZ.
    4th Marine Recruiting
    Andrews AFB Last F-4 flew out to bone yard, I flew out the next day. Bush 1 paid me to leave.

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    PLT 2026 Parris Island
    HQ 10th Marines

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    im looking for anyone in 2nd battalion at P.I. IN 1989 our squad bay was right across from the parade deck.

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    4th Division

    4th Division
    Company K
    Saipan, Roi-Namur, Tinian, Iwo Jima

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaniz
    i was wounded by mine in vietnam later usmc sgt.alaniz l
    3rd marine div. 2nd platoon 3rd engrs.attach to 2/3 in vietnam 1967-1968 if any of my friend that were with me in okinawa when we went down the hill over turn the truck that kill 3 and wounded 19 if you do email me

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    Cpl Trezza just a big thanks for what you all did.

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    The Kingdom of Nye
    Louis,,, I would love to buy you a beer, Anytime

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    I'll buy the second round. Thank you Marine.


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