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    Plt 1039, Parris Island 1981
    A Btry 1st Battalion, 10 th Marines
    USS Trenton
    C Btry 1st Battalion 10 th Marines
    USS Austin ( Ships Platoon)
    C Btry 1st Battalion 8th Marines, 24th MAU
    Beirut Lebanon,1983
    "Never Forget"
    Marine Corps Reserve Miami, Fla Tow Co.
    Honorably Discharged,1986

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    First Battalion Platoon 145 MCRD Hollywood type one each, 9 July to 18 Sept. Sent to Port Hueneme Construction Electriction School, (SeaBees) graduated,sent to 29 Palms Maint.Bn. (Building 2000) two years, transferred to M.P.s for a year, liked having a hotel room in Palm Springs, keeping the streets safe for Bob Hope, was slated for D.I. School, opted out for Viet Nam, in 1965, 3/3 Maint. Co. Eng.Bn. instructed in the art of Demolition at 7th Eng. Demo School, what a blast, enjoyed that work till my enlistment was up, (I recieved the 120 day exten. ) got back CONUS in Oct. 66, of course on this site you dont want to hear about joining the Army Special Forces, so wont go there, but was great fun jumping out of perfectly good airplanes,guess I wouldnt make a good winger doing that, rite Bones.

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    Outside of Nashville, TN. Work in FOB Louisville
    MCRD PI, March '76
    Plt 105: SDI SSgt. McKay

    Camp Hansen, 3/4: 76-77
    H&S Co, 81's: 0341

    LeJeune, 3/6: 77-79
    H&S Co, 81's
    Organization changed to Weapons Co. 81's Plt

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    Here we go

    don't laugh okay!!
    83 bootcamp Ft. Dix N.J
    84 ammo tech school Redstone Arsenal Alabama
    84-85 boot camp (again) SanDiego Cal. Plt. 1125
    85 ITS (0311 ) Camp Pendleton Ca.
    85-86 Marine Bks Subic Bay P.I. Bco 1st plt. starboard
    86-87part in G 2/5 some in STA2/5 Margarita
    87-89 Cco. 1st recon bn
    89-90 Gco 3/23 USMCR Memphis Tn.
    90-91 Gco. 3/23 USMC Desert Storm Task force Red Stick/Tiger Brigade
    91-92 6th Recruiting District RSS Jonesboro AR.
    92-present Always Faithful 1st Civ. Div.

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    1982 Boot Camp. Parris Island
    1982 NAS Memphis
    1983 MCB Pendelton
    1983-1988 MCAS El Toro
    1989 NAS Mempis
    1989-1992 MCAS Cherry Point (One UDP to MCAS Iwakuni, Ore Trip to the Scud Bowl in 1991)
    1992-1994 NAS Glenview
    1994-1997 MCAS El Tore (Two back to back UDP's in 96 & 97)
    1997-1999 Steward ANGB Newburgh, New York.

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    R. W. "Dick" Gaines GySgt USMC (Ret.) 1952-72

    May-Aug 1952--Plt #437, PISC
    Sept--Dec 1952--MB, Oceanside, CJHP, Calif
    Jan53-Jun53--3dMarines, tent Camp #3, CJHP
    Jul53-Jul54--3dMarines RCT, Kaneohe, TH,Camp Fuji,Japan
    Aug54-Sept54--HqBn,3dMarDiv,Camp Gifu, Japan
    Oct54-Dec54--Navy #850, Yokohama,Japan
    Jan55-May55--MB,NAS,QuonsetPt, RI
    Jun55-Mar56--USMCR-2d!55HowBn, Prov, RI
    Mar56- Reenl USMC-Aug56--ITR, Camp Geiger
    Aug56-MCB CLNC
    Sept56--HqBn,3dMarDiv, Camp Hague, Okinawa
    Nov56--May57--3d/9thMarines,Camp Fuji,Japan
    Jun57--Tengan, Oki
    July57, White Beach, Oki
    Jan58--Jul59--2dMAW, CPNC
    Jun70--Apr71--1stMarDiv, RVN

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    HQ Btry, 3/11, 83-85
    HQ Co. HQ Bn. G-2, 3rd MarDiv 85-86
    Wpns Plt. Fox 2/23 USMCR Jan-Dec, 1987

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    MCRD S.D. 1987
    SOI had just changed from ITR/ITS 88
    MCSF Panama 88-89
    Kilo 3/8 2/8 89-91

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    Bootcamp, ITR, BITS, Recon School July 69 to Feb 70
    RVN-I/35 An Hoa Feb to May 70,
    Alpha Deuce 1st Recon May 70 to Feb 71 Camp Reasoner, Da Nang
    MCAS Yuma, Az. March 71 to July 73 when discharged.

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    Bumping up for all our New Members.............



    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    P.I 88
    camp geiger 88
    1/3 bravo co. 89
    3/3 kilo co. 89-92

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    1980 - Army Basic - Ft. Knox, KY (USARNG) E-1
    1981 - Army Combat Engineer School 12C - Ft. Leonarad Wood, MO (USARNG) E-2/3
    1982 - USMC Boot Camp, Plt 2026 San Diego, CA - PVT
    1982 - 1371 - Combat Engineer School, Camp Lejeune, NC - PFC
    1982 - 1985 - 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion, 3rd MarDiv, Camp Hansen, Okianwa - LCPL/Merit CPL
    1985 - 1986 - 'A' Co. Det 'A' 7th Engineer Support Battalion, 1st FSSG 29 Palms, CA - Merit Sgt
    1986 - 1992 - 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion, 3rd MarDiv, Camp Hansen, Okianwa - SSgt
    1992 - 1995 - PCS Harrison AR and RSS Lebanon MO - Recruiting Duty
    1995 - 1997 - 8th Engineer Support Bn 2nd FSSG, Camp Lejeune, NC - GySgt
    1997 - 2000 - MCB S. D. Butler, Camp Kinser and Camp Foster. - MSgt
    2000 - 2003 - 7th Engineer Support Bn, Camp Pendleton CA
    2003 - Retirement!

    Semper Fi,


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    Good trout fishing at Bennet Springs there in Lebanon, Mo!

    If the Corps had sent me to duty like that I would have thought that I died and went to heaven! ---lol

    Semper Fi

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    I live 12 miles from Bennet Springs, getting the line out this weekend! All part of the old retirement plan...

    Semper Fi,


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    I had a piece of land one minute from the entrance to the park.

    My kids grew up on week-ends at the stream.

    Sold the land years ago and the kids have grown up of course.

    It still draws me. Was there last may.

    Good retirement plan!

    Semper Fi,


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