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    Thumbs up What units were you with

    Bootcamp dec73
    ITS/r, 74 Okinawa 74-75 1/4
    1/6 76-78 Camp Lejuene
    WTBn Edson Range 78-80
    7th Marines 80-85
    5th Marines 86-91
    Schools Bn 91-94 (Retired)

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    Boot Camp 85
    Infantry Training School 86
    Golf Co 2nd BN 9th Marines 86-90
    Admin School Camp Del-Mar 90-93
    H & S Co 1st BN 1st Marines 93-95
    MALS-31 Beaufort 95-98
    VMFA(AW)332 98-2001
    HQ US Central Command 2001-present.

    Man time flys when you are having fun.

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    Time to bring this up for the new folks.......

    Welcome Aboard to the Best Marine Site on the net. Also welcome to your home away from home................
    We have a great crew of Marines in here from WW II to the present............
    Throw your sea bag in a corner, pull up a footlocker, sit and chat awhile.........




    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    Plt 226, April - July 1965, MCRD San Diego
    "N" Co., ITR, July - Aug 1965, Camp San Onofre-Camp Pendleton
    F/2/5, 1st MarDiv, FMF-PAC, Sept 1965-Jan 1966, Camp Pendleton
    .........................................., Feb-Apr 1966, Camp Schwab, Okinawa
    .........................................., Apr-May 1966, Chu Lai, I Corps, Republic of Viet Nam
    H/2/7, 1st MarDiv, FMF-PAC, May 1966-Feb 1967, Chu Lai, I Corps, Republic of Viet Nam
    Base MP Company, Mar-Dec 1967, Camp Pendleton
    B/1/27, 1st MarDiv (att'd), FMF-PAC, Dec 1967-Jan1968, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii
    .................................................. ....., Feb-Apr1968, Da Nang/Phu Bai/Hue, I Corps, Republic of Viet Nam
    ICU, US Naval Hosp., Apr-May 1968, Guam
    Transit, USAF Hosp., May 1968, Travis AFB Calif
    OsteoWard, US Naval Hosp., May-Jan 1969, Great Lakes, ILL.
    MarBarracks, USNH, Jan-Apr 1969, Great Lakes, ILL
    End of Active Service.

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    Bootcamp in July of 74
    Crossed the grinder at MCRD for radio school
    Onna Point, Okinawa (3rd Recon BN) 75-76
    Camp Geiger 1/8 76-78
    Camp Geiger 3/8 last three months of time (too short to go on cruise)

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    MCRD San Diego Plt 234 May-August 1962
    2nd ITR E Co. Camp Pendelton Sept. 1962
    1st Tank Bn. H&S Co. Motor T Camp Pendelton October 1962 August 1963
    3rd Anti BN H&S Co Motor T Sept 1963- Sept 1964
    2nd ITR Motor T ammo and cattle car driver Oct 1964- Sept 1966

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    Plt. 328, MCRDSD 63, ITR Camp San Onafre, C&E Btln SD for school, MACS7, Cherry Point, Camp Schwab, Oki, Chu Lai RVN, 65-66, SOES at El Toro till seps late 66.

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    Enlisted at DHRS Jacksonville, FL 23 July 1946

    MCRD Parris Island, SC, July 23, 1946

    AES-46 Cherry Point, NC Aug 28, 1946

    AES-12 Quantico, VA Apr 22, 1948

    MWSS-2, Cherry Point, NC Aug 6, 1948

    VMF-461, Mag-11, Cherry Point, NC Aug 12, 1948

    USS Palau CVE-122 (VMF-461) 20 AUG 1948

    USS Midway CVB-41 (VMF-461) 3 Jan 1949

    USS Leyte CV-32, (VMF-461) 10 Sep 1949

    VMFN-531, Mag-24, Cherry Point, NC, 24 Feb, 1950

    VMF-223 Mag-11, Cherry Point, NC, 8 Mar 1950

    MWSS-2 2D MAW, Cherry Point, NC, 10 Apr 1950

    MWSS-2 Cherry Point, NC, 20 DEC 1950

    VMF-223 Mag-14, Cherry Point, NC, 18 Jan 1951

    HQSQ MCAF Santa Ana, CA, 4 Dec 1952

    April Avdet Repl Draft, El Toro, CA, 26 Mar 1953

    Mabs-12 Mag-12 3 May 1953

    VMA-121 Mag-12, K-6 Korea, 11 May 1953

    VMA-333 Mag-31, MCAS, Miami, FL, 2 AUG 1954

    Mabs-31, Mag-31, 8 JUL 1955

    MB, NPF, Indian Head, MD, 10 Oct 1955

    Mabs-32 Mag-31, Miami, FL, 7 Jan 1956

    MAD, NATTC, Jaxsonville, FL, 14 Jun 1957

    VMA-225Mag-14, NAAS, Edenton, NC 30 Dec 1957

    H&HS-14, Edenton, NC, 29 Apr 1958

    H&MS-14, MAG-14, Cherry Point, NC, 18 Feb 1959

    VMA-224, MAG14, Cherry Point, NC, 15 DEC 1959 (TAD)

    HQCO LFTU USNAB, Little Creek, VA. 6 Jun 1960 (TAD)

    VMA-332 MAG-14, MAG-14, Cherry Point, NC, 9 Nov 1960

    VMA-332 Mag-14 FPO Sanfran, CA (Iwakuni, Japan)

    VMCJ-1 AG-12, Iwakuni, Japan

    H&MS-31 MAG-31, Beaufort, SC 14 Nov, 1962

    VMF (AW) 451 MAG-31, Beaufort, SC 10 OCT 1963

    MABS-31 MAG-31, 8 May 1965

    SU#1 MABS-37 MWSG-37, El Toro, CA

    VMA-121 MAG-12, Chu Lai, Vietnam Oct 1965

    H&HS MCAS, Yuma, AZ, Dec 1967.

    Retired 1st March, 1969.

    Due to records never sent me my records when I was in Vietnam am unable to give the day.
    Picture of AD Skyraider in Korea.

    Semper Fi


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    Platoon 3395 PI Oct 4 73 - 28 Dec 73 Pfc out of boot

    MWSG-27 Wers-27 Jan 74 - Jun 75 Wing Drivers school Jul 75 - Feb 76

    MWSG-17 WTS-17 Futenma Okinawa Mar 76-Apr 77 Sgt
    MCB Safety CPCA Mar 77 - Jul 78

    1st FSR (FSSG) CPCA Maint Bn Jul 78 Dec 79 MOS Section SSgt Comodity Manager SNCO Leadership Course MCSSS Camp Johnson MT School Aug - Dec 78

    Marine Corps Recruiter School Jan 80 - Apr 80 SSgt

    RSS Buffalo New York May 80 - June 83 SSgt

    MCB Quantico Base Motors Jul 83 - Jan 84 GySgt

    MCB Quantico Base Facilities Truckmaster GySgt Jan 84 - Dec 85

    MWSG-17 MWSS-172 MCAS Futenma Okinawa GySgt Jan -86 Jan 87

    MWSG-27 MWSS272 MCAS New River Feb 87 - Jul 88 GySgt

    HQBN, Truck Co 2nd MarDiv CLNC Jul 88 - Dec 88 GySgt

    Div G-4 2nd MarDiv/COMM Co CLNC Dec 88 - Dec 89 GySgt

    MWSG-17, MWSS-172 MCAS Futenma Okinawa Jan 90 - Oct 91 GySgt

    HQBN HQMC Henderson Hall Oct 91 Jul 93 termanal leave Jul 2 1993 Retired Oct 14th 1993 @ MCB Quantico by then Brigader General Peter Pace at Daly Hall.

    Dang I hope I got it all straight...???

    Semper Fidelis

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    Bootcamp Plt 1007 at P.I. Meritorious PFC Oct 84-Jan 85. Motor T school Camp Delmar Feb 85-Apr 85 then to 7th Motor Trans Bn. Transport Co 85-87 Within this time frame went TAD with 1st ANGLICO to Team Spirit 86 in Korea. Many CAX at 29 Palms then to Okinawa to 9th Motors in 87. Went TAD with 9th Engineers to Subic Bay. We all cried on the way back to the Rock!! Discharged Sept 1988 and kinda regret it . That's another story.

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    Dale Glasscock
    Guest Free Member
    Platoon 2159 MCRD San Diego, August 69
    CamPen, ITR, BITs bn, Staging 69
    Vietnam, 4th Combined Action Group, 2nd Combined Action Group, Hotel Co. 2nd bn 5th Marines 70,71
    CampPen, Personal Response Interaction Drug Education team,71
    Bremerton, Wash. Marine Barracks,71,72
    Okinawa, Camp McTureous, 73
    CamPen, Field Medical Service School,74,75

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    SMS MCAS El Toro 24 Nov 65
    SOES MCAS El Toro 13 Apr 66
    VMA-121 MAG-16 3dMAW 15 Apr 66
    VMA-121 MAG-12 Chu Lai Vietnam 1 Dec 66
    VMA-211 Chu Lai Vietnam 25 May 67
    MAB-12 MAG-12 Chu Lai Vietnam 15 Aug 67
    H&HS Sqdn.MCAS Yuma AZ 30 SEpt 67
    Tr to FMCR 28 Feb 69.

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    Bringing up for Our Marines......

    Welcome Aboard


    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    2nd RTBN MCRD San Diego Platoon 2218 1967
    Q Co. 2nd ITR MCB Camp Pendleton
    Motor Transport School Camp Del Mar MCB Camp Pendleton
    Unit A MAD NATTC Memphis TN.
    H&HS MCAS Cherry Point NC.
    MASS-3 MT, MACG 1stMAW FMF Vietnam
    MABS-13, Mag-13 MT 3rd MAW MCAS El Toro, CA
    HqCo, 23rd MarRegt Alameda, CA.
    Honorably Discharged Nov 1973

    AHHHH The good old days
    Semper Fi

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    I do actually remember all my duty stations at least I think so.

    November 1987 MCRD San Diego Platoon 3113
    February 1988 Camp Johnson North Carolina
    May 1988 DET-Alpha 3rd FSSG MCAS Iwakuni Japan
    May 1989 1st Tank Battalion 1st Marine Division Camp Pendleton Ca
    Sept 1990-April 1991 1st tank Battalion 1st Mar Div Task Force Papa Bear Desert Sheild/ Desert Storm.
    April 1991-October 1991 1st Tk Bn 1st Mar Div Camp Pendleton Ca
    November 1991-November 1992 CSSD 36 3rd FSSG MCAS Iwakuni Japan
    November 1992-1995 MAG 14 MCAS Cherry Point NC

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