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    graduated parris island kilo CO. plt 3027 1995
    mos 0321 was with 2nd recon battalion bravo Co. camp lejuene 96(tours bosnia) to 97.
    attached to 2nd fast company 97 - 98
    then 3rd recon battalion alpha co. 98-99(bosnia)

    Then sent for motivation and mos change to 8654
    2nd force recon, 99-2001 (various deployments)
    3rd force recon, 2001-2004 (afghan x1, iraq 2x)
    medically discharged honorable after hit by hostile mortar fire fallujah, iraq november 11th 2004.
    currently serving in the beer recon platoon, first couch reg., 2nd civ div.

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    MCRD San Diego, Ca. Plt 2119
    3rd Maw
    1st Maw
    3rd Maw
    3rd FSSG
    1st MARDIV
    3rd MARDIV
    RSS Oceanside Ca
    3rd MARDIV

    Semper Fi

    SSgt G.M. Atkins 1975-1984

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    boot july 1994 to 3 months later duh, first duty station h&s bn Hqco camp lejuene, deployed gitmo bay oper. sea signal (damn migrants), came home transfered cssd-23 mcas beaufort. got out. 3 years later went to 8th tank bn b co. syracuse ny. now i live in SC

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    Matthew, your first duty station was my last, Jan. 1970--Dec 1971--Base Message Center.

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    Duty Stations

    1975 Plt 267 Parris Island
    1976/76 2nd FSR Ammo Company Lejeune
    1976/77 3rd FSSG Ammo Company Camp Henoko Okinawa
    1977/78 1stBn 6th Mar 2nd Mar Div Camp Lejeune
    1978/79 3rd FSSG Ammo Co Camp Henoko Okinawa
    1979/80 3rd FSSG Ammo Co Camp Henoko Okinawa
    1980/1983 HQ Co 8th Mar Camp Geiger
    1983/86 Recruiting Duty Louisville/ london Kentucky
    1986/88 3rd FSSG Ammo Co Camp Henoko Okinawa
    Laision at Tague Korea in there too
    1988/91 Ammo Laision Picatinny Arsenal NJ
    1991/95 Instructor Marine Corps Detachment Redstone Arsenal Ala

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    07 March 1987 -23 February 1988-Delayed Entry RSS Bangor Maine
    24 February 1988 to 17 May 1988 Platoon 2038, F Company, 2nd Recruit Training Batallion.
    17 May 1988 -06 June 1988- Recruiters Assistant RSS Bagnor Maine
    07 June 1988-13 July 1988 Fort Harrision Indianapolis Indiana
    August 1988 - November 1988 Team Spirit 1988 Yeachun Korea
    (TAD from MCAS Iwakuni)
    November 1988-September 1989 MCAS Iwakuni Japan
    October 1989-December 1990 HQ Company Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
    December 1990 to June 1991. Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

    Locations included:

    1. Jubail
    2. Manifa Bay
    3. Rahs El Meshab
    4. Rahs El Kanjar
    5. Jubail

    July 1991 to March 1992-Camp Lejeune

    20 March 1992 Honorably Discharged from the Marines

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    pi in 1952 ret. 1972

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    47 pages of posts and no one that I've crossed paths with!

    1993 - Parris Island
    1994 - MCT in Geiger, NMITC in Dam Neck, HMH-465 in Tustin
    1995 - MAG-16 in El Toro/Miramar, VMFA(AW)-225
    1997 - VMFA-314 (on the Nimitz)
    1998 - MAG-11, 1st CivDiv

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    1967-68 Charlie Company 1BN 9th Marine (2nd plt) 3rd MarDiv
    1968-68 Marine Barracks Norfork Va
    1968-71 Embassy duty Santo Domingo, DR
    1971 Apr ETS.

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    7/91-10/91 PI MCRD 3097, M Co, 3rd Bn
    10/91-11/91 Cp Gieger, MCT
    11/91 - 01/92 Cp Gieger, SOI (0331)
    01/92 - 12/94 Cp Pendleton (Horno), Wpns Plt, B Co, 1/4
    12/94 - 04/96 Cp Pendleton (Edson Range), "Charlie" Range, Range Co, WFTBN SD MCRD (8531)

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    The Marine Corps was going to get F-14's, I was designated for training, but wound up going to phantoms.

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    Who was in bootcamp in mcrd 1986 my name is Korte Cooper and i became disabled for both my lower legs. im not hardly getting anything for it but its worse and like a chemical disease. The navy mds f**ked me over on my medical issue i think. Oh well just want to find out if other people had this happen i was in plt 1107 and we took honor series. I also had gaingreen which the mds said it was skin poiseing disease. Others had that to. So anyone out their if u can let me know.My email is kortcoop@hotmail.com

    Semperfi KC

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    1998 Hotel Co MCRC PISC
    1999 Hotel Co MCT Bn SOI East
    1999 NBC Det. Ft MacLellan, AL
    99-00 MAG-31 NBC, Beaufort SC
    00-02 WFTBN FTP PISC
    02-03 4th FSSG HQ, NAS Atlanta
    04-07 2/8 Fox Co Camp Lejeune
    07-present Combat Instructor Kilo Co, MCT BN SOI East

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    Smile Units served with, 1966-1969

    Boot Camp Platoon 2052, MCRD San Diego, Jun-Aug 1966

    Infantry Training, Camp Pendleton

    5th Recon Batallion, Camp Horno (Camp Pendleton) including Amphib Recon School at Coronado

    1st ANGLICO Sub Unit 1, serving with 2nd ROK Marine Brigade:
    Recon Platoon at Hoi An (not the big one, the very small village in the mountains west of Chu Lai)
    11th Company in the Binhson area (Tra Binh Dong), months after the big fight in February '67
    10th Company east of Hoi An throughout Tet and afterwards
    3rd Batallion CP for several weeks in-between field assignments

    Stateside awaiting discharge - Camp Pendleton, I was too drunk to remember who I was with, and just intent on getting thrown out of the NCO club every night. Glad I got that out of my system.

    Semper Fi

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    Red face Correction

    Quote Originally Posted by RVHall
    Recon Platoon at Hoi An (not the big one, the very small village in the mountains west of Chu Lai)
    The village referred to above was An Hoa.

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