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    I have met a few old Corps Jarheads from Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. I would like to meet you and buy a round.

    Semper Fi.


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    ITS camp pendleton
    Dester warfare school 29 palms
    MCAB Kahneohe bay Hawaii

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    where was i stationed: 1961 mcrdsd, 1962 oki 12th marines, south camp fuji 1964 pendelton 1st antitank then out. bounced around to a few tds got out as e-3, mos 2531 mostley forward obs. nice site, thanks, roger {we have done so much with so little for so long we can now do anything with nothing} SEMPER FI

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    MCRD San Diego Plt. 3097 Grad.11/9/77
    NAS Memphis AMSA1 School Grad.2/78
    MCAS El Toro Attached to VMFA 232 for OJT 2/78-5/78
    MCAS Iwakuni H&HS OMD 6/78-6/79
    NAS Dallas VMFA 112 7/79-8/81
    Semper Fi

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    New member here....

    9th Comm 1993-1997
    7th Comm Oki 1998
    Also earned leg medals with rifle and pistol so I was in the Marine Corps Marksmanship program about 4 years on and off. With the Quantico summer team in 1998. MOS 2536 & 8531

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    That's an easy one...

    MCRD San Diego Oct 95 - Dec 95 Plt 3047
    Hq Co 7th Marines 29 Palms Mar 96 - Aug 99

    Hopefully USMCR any day now

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    Units I was in:

    1972 Platoon 1090 San Diego Recruit Training
    1972 MATSG 90 Aircraft Maint. Millington Tenn
    1973 HMA 169 Camp Pendleton CA
    1973 VMFA 115 Iwakuni Japan
    1975 HMM 261 New River NC

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    Was in Golf Battery 2/11 from 99-03. During that time at one point or another attached to F 2/4 and G 2/4 as part of the FIST

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    MCRD Parris Island, WRTC Platoon 19A graduated Oct 1984
    Camp Johnson, NC 1984 3521 school
    Camp Pendleton, CA 1985-1986 7th Motor T
    Camp Johnson, NC 1986 3522 school
    Camp Del Mar, CA 1986-1987
    Okinawa/Team Spirit 1987-1988 GSM CO, 3rd Maint Bn
    Reserve time from 1988-1990
    MTM CO, 2nd Maint Bn, Camp Lejeune, NC 1990-1992
    Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm 1990-1991

    Wouldn't trade a minute of it!!

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    Wish I was still in.

    1st Battalion, 7th marines Weapons co. Dragons plt.

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    1987 Jun-Aug MCRD San Diego PLT 1064
    1987 Aug-Nov Camp Johnson
    Nov 87-May 90 Camp Pendleton
    1990 May-Aug Kaneohe Bay
    Aug 90-March 91 Saudi/Kuwait
    March 91-June 93 Kaneohe Bay
    June 03, 1993 EAS
    Jun 23-Present Crime Fighter

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    The Kingdom of Nye


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    The Kingdom of Nye
    How did that happen? Oh, Well

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    Louis, its an Honor Sir.

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    What Units Were You With???

    Graduated May 1987, Nixon HS, Laredo, Tx
    Oct 16, 1987 Graduated MCRD San Diego 3rd Battalion, Mike Co, Platoon 3074
    March, 1988 Graduated Admin School @ Camp Lejeune, NC
    Arrived at 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan March 1988
    Remained on Okinawa from 1988-1992 until 9th MEB was absorbed into the III Marine Expediationary Force
    Participated in several exercises in South Korea during time there
    Participated in operation of coup attempt in the Phillippines in 1989
    Worked as a disc jockey for in several Marine E-clubs on Okinawa from 1990/1992 known as Big ED
    Played at Camp Hansen, Camp Schwab, Camp Foster, Airmen's Club at Kadena and Crow's Nest
    Honorably discharged Apr 1992

    Looking to make contact with fellow Marines who served with me during these times.

    e-mail @ emf822@hotmail.com

    Looking to reconnect with members of my platoon or units and anyone whom I had the pleasure of knowing during those times. Addresses change and people either stay in the military or get out. Lost touch with a lot of great people and I hope to reconnect through this site.

    SEMPER FI!!!!!

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