All-Services Medic Training Campus Opens
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    Exclamation All-Services Medic Training Campus Opens

    The Associated Press
    Posted : Wednesday Jun 30, 2010 14:50:46 EDT

    SAN ANTONIO — The military has opened the first buildings at a new training campus that will consolidate all medic training across the various service branches.

    The Army’s Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio will be the training site for all medics and corpsmen by September 2011.

    Fort Sam spokesman Phil Reidinger says the Army currently trains about 4,500 of its own medics a day at Fort Sam but will add another 3,500 Air Force medics and Navy corpsmen from bases in Calfornia, Illinois and elsewhere in Texas.

    The change is being made under a recommendation from the Base Closure and Re-alignment Commission.

    The first two buildings on the $1.2 billion campus opened Wednesday. At full capacity, the training site will include five buildings and about 1,400 staff members.

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    They would get more business in Fort Hood....

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    This should have started years ago,even now the Air Force wants to take their toys and not play the game.

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