Checking in... with a question
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    Checking in... with a question

    OK all, the LCpl is still alive and kicking, just hasn't been real high or real fast. Work is an absolute b***h, but I just remind my self... I have a job I have a job I have a job... it keeps the lights on.

    Have rented out the house in Nashville for less than the mortgage and moved the C.O. up here to Louisville. 6 years of commuting back and forth was enough.

    On to my question:
    Nephew is at Mohave Viper right now and headed to Afganistan about fall. LCpl, motor T, has just been put in the turret w/ a MK49. Block leave coming up in August, and mom is planning a big send off surprise party. I'm trying to make sure she lets everyone know NOT to load him down with alot of 'stuff' cause he will not have any place to keep it, except to leave it at home, so what's the point of a bunch of stuff.

    Question: to those that have been there
    WHAT would he need/use the most, that Uncle Sugar isn't going to have for him ?? Care packages will be aplenty with batteries and such, but what will make it BETTER for him to endure ???

    I'm thinking about something small, durable, utility, like a Gerber multi-tool, or along those lines. Any paticular one or style ?? What about an 'idiot cord' to go with it ?? Would something else serve him better ?? A SureFire light, spares carrier, lanyard, etc ??

    Looking for any and all serious ideas.

    Semper Fi

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    A nice fleece blanket that can be put inside sleeping bag was a life saver for me and I kept the thing the whole time, a no **** nice electric razor, or even a small stove that hooks up to a bottle that can be used with JP8. We had one and it was great to cook all those goodies from home.

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