How To Tell My Mom I Changed To A Combat Related Mos
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    How To Tell My Mom I Changed To A Combat Related Mos


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    Unless you crave sympathy, or get your kicks over someone's worrying about or praying for you, my philosophy has always been, "If you can't do anything but worry, then my situation is none of your business."

    My brother and I were both in Nam at the same time. When either of us wrote home, we also discussed having a few beers at the club with the other one "last night". (We saw each other a total of three times; one hello, one goodby, and once by accident. But our wives and mother slept better knowing we were taking care of each another.)

    The laugh came when I received a letter from my mother, worrying that we were drinking too much.

    Why cause your mother needless grief and worry? If she is anything like MY mother, she has enough to keep her satisfied worrying about ozone depletion, earth warming, save the whales, HIV in Africa, and the cancellation of the Phil Donahough show.

    When she brags, I guarantee she will brag about "My son the Marine" and not about a legal services specialist OR even mention combat support.

    ASSKISS. Avoid Stressful Situations by Knowing Its Simple Solutions.

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    Agree with the above. Say nothing until you are a Marine and even then I would be inclined to stay away from the issue until the best possible moment for her. Bottom line it is ultimately up to the Corps as to where they want you. Legal Services or Arty you could easily end up on point some day if that is what is needed.

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    Hey man I just told my parents that I wasgoing active instead of reserve. meaning I wouldnt be going to college right now althought i plan to while active. I expected them to freak out but they said they would support me and sign the papers. Dont anticipate their reaction. My dad was reall supportive. he just wanted to know that I would still pursue my degree as much as possible while i was active and if I did he would support me. I wouldnt suprise them because that might be a lot worse. then they may be mad because you lied to them and didnt trust that they'd be mature enough to handle your decison. Just dont do it behind their back because their reacton will be worse I guarentee you

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    I must be honest, I am a combat arms Marine, its good to go and dangerous and yet exciting. I would go through boot camp and let her see the man you will be and then tell her. All moms are complex unlike my mom, who was for me going in the infantry, because she didnt know what it meant untill my first deployment and she thought she saw me on CNN. Moms worry thats there job. I told my Mom I had a new Mom and it was Gunny Mills and let him worry about me, not you. Being a dad I understand my mom now. If you decide to tell her before just be honest and tell her how you feel and why you chose that path. We are tight in the Corps and rest assure you will have friends in the Corps like youll never have before and they will protect you and watch your back, so your mom has no worries. Good Luck!

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    Gosh Darn OUTLAW

    If you make it
    Just get a tattoo that says

    "Trained to Kill

    and that will say it all!

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    HAHAHA. Um I am infantry. It was hard to tell my mom that I was going to be a grunt. YOu know how I did it. I just did. I said why I wanted to do it and then just sat down and talked with them. It took awhile but they finally are cool with it, they are so proud of me. Or you could tell them after bootcamp. My parents were so proud of me that I could have told them my job was forever cleaning toilets and it would have made no difference. They are so proud of you it is unbelievable.

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    I wouldn't say anything. If something stirs, she will call and ask if you will have to go. If you do, you do. Your MOS is irrelevant. She is going to be stuck to CNN no matter what your job is. All she knows is that her son is a Marine.

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    Dont go to bootcamp without telling her. Use the same tactic that I used.

    Explain that combat support, statistically sees the fewest number of casualties. Reason being, you're trained for almost any combat situation - you're trained to kill and not be killed. Yes, this is a bold face lie, but its not one that has to be followed with many more lies. It'll put her at ease. Goodluck Poolee!


    I also like Jonh's idea. Explain that your brothers will take care of you, her job is to support your decision - worrying about you and fussing about the decision will just make it harder for you.

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    Remember, all Marines are trained to serve in combat. THis is our legacy. "Every Marine a rifleman" is a creed every generation of Marine has carried forward. Regardless of what MOS you were trained for, you were first trained to be an 0311!!! Tell your mother the truth. Explain that if not her son, who's son will voluntarily take on the toughest role in today's military? Explain that the hard work and training the Marine Corps will invest in you will help you to return safely. Tell her it is with her support and love that you will be successful in any mission the Corps assigns you to. And finally, tell her war does not know who the supply clerks, cooks and communications specialists are. Everyone, every Marine is in harm's way when we wage war. There is no safe area or secure territory in war. 9/11 taught us all that most difficult lesson!

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    first sgt mike, we often don't agree on thing. in this case, i'm in total agreement.

    last winter mom gave me a shoe box full of letters that i had mailed home from nam. i haven't looked at em. i do know that all the letters were just routine beefs about the hot weather.

    anybody w/ any class does not worry their parents.

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    I got the privilege of going to recruit training a week early, but wanted to ask my mom first as we were getting ready to move. She said that if I was man enough to join the Marine Corps, I was man enough to make my own decision. Of course she cried, thats what mothers do. But you know, she was the first one to write me, twice a week, like clockwork. Mothers will support you, no matter what you do. They may or may not show it. Do you think she will love you any less or have less pride in you that you are going combat related mos? I switched from motor t to a grunt, 0351, the same mos my dad had. When he seen me at graduation and I told him, he said, you poor. His words weren't exactly reassuring, but his eyes were full of pride. Bottom Line is, its your family. We can give you examples, stories, and tell you what you should do, but nobody really knows except for you. Semper Fidelis, and good luck with your decision.


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    Well said Joe...

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    I agree with most of the above comments. Once you are a Marine, it won't seem as hard to tell your mom, BECOMING a Marine is the hard part!
    Just a word to all the Marines above who assume you are male, not all Marines are male, I have known some purley awesome female Marines! TJ

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    Tell her what the 0800 ocfield is: Artillery! aka "The King Of Battle"
    Semper Fidelis,
    Mike Zacker
    SgtMaj USMC (Ret.)

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