Do i have to worry about getting DQ'ed at MEPS?
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    Do i have to worry about getting DQ'ed at MEPS?

    Im talking with my recruiter about joining the Marines Corps. I gave him my police record and its clean and told him i have no medical conditions. But i broke my femur in my left leg about 5 years ago and im kind of worried that, this injury could DQ me at MEPS with the Marines making their quota on 03XX.

    It's fine i feel no pain and it dosent prevent me from doing anything different that i could do with my right leg. my recruiter said i shouldnt have to worry but with it being a major injury and having surgery and everything you never know.

    Does anyone here kind of have experience on the subject about MEPS and the type of injured they disqualify you for? Thanks Marines

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    Its not the Doctors job at MEPs to DQ you based on qouta's. Its the Docs job to DQ you based on legit medical diagnosis. If the Doc feels that he/she should DQ you based on that then that is what will happen. On that note if it dosn't cause you a problem, and you can show that at MEPs you will be fine. I broke my elbow when I was a kid, the Doc asked me about it I told him, he did a range of motion test all was good. I swore in, and went into the DEP. Went back to MEPs when I shipped, same thing Doc asked if there was a problem with it I told him no, on my way to boot camp I went. Trust me there not going to DQ you because the infantry has to many people.

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    Got in with a shattered bone in my thumb and surgery to repair a torn labrum in my right shoulder (8 months prior to me going to MEPS). Don't worry about it. If you don't have permanent pins or plates or something. the Doc at meps won't take but 15 seconds with it

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