I ship in exactly 30 days -- how should I spend it?
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    I ship in exactly 30 days -- how should I spend it?

    I need all of your advice. Should I PT more? Start relaxing more? Pray?

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    In my opinion, you should maintain a steady PT (3 times a week) to maintain your fitness level, and spend as much time as you can with your friends and family. I plan to quit my job two to three months prior to the month I ship to PT as much as I can, and spend a lot of time with my family and friends. Enjoy the life you have now, because as soon as you step on those yellow foot prints it'll all change.
    Also, if you have any conflicts with any close friends or family, fix it if possible. As you can see, I basically see my ship date as the last day of my
    (civilian) life.

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    PT every day and night, spend as much time with your friends and family as possible.. stay motivated... and remember you are doing this for a reason.

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    If your recruiter gave you that welcome aboard tin when you DEP'd in, use the 30 day pre-ship workout thing.

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    DO NOT RELAX. Keep the same pt schedule you have now and just hang out with your family and friends.

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    Party it up....butt make sure you keep pt'ing

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    PT 3-4x a week, spend the rest of your time with your friends and family. Stay away from drugs, dont speed, and stay the hell out of trouble. You have 30 days until your free, wouldn't want everything you've worked for to go away on the last few days would ya?

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    PT, PT, PT.

    Screw everything else.

    It sounds harsh, but you'll see your family on family day. It's all business time now. You need to prepare for what's ahead. You can see from my signature what my IST scores were prior to shipping. My Final PFT scores ended up being a 270. Granted I'm older, but I would've liked to have been higher. Most of your exercise in boot camp comes from getting IT'd by the DIs. PT at boot camp is just to maintain your fitness level, not increase it.

    I ended with 18 pull ups, 100 crunches, and a 20:28 3mi run time. I 100% regret not preparing for boot camp more in the time leading to my ship date. Your family isn't going anywhere, YOU are. Prepare for it now.

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    [quote=MarinesFTW;659917]You have 30 days until your free[/quote]


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    Create a bucket list.

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    Keep up regular PT, but also enjoy yourself. Just don't do something stupid that Gunny Sharp will destroy you over. haha

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    Go to church?

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    I would PT, PT, PT, and hit the knowledge, I'd probably go to church a few times too. All in all preparing for it is #1 in my opinion.

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