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    Virtual USMC Museum

    Received information in email....

    Click on the link

    As promised to our faithful Marine Minute subscribers, the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation (MCHF) is proud and excited to bring you this special sneak peak preview of the National Museum of the Marine Corpsís (NMMC) new, state-of-the-art Virtual Experience. The MCHF will officially launch the Virtual Experience to the public on June 23rd, allowing Marines and civilians from all over the world to experience a cutting-edge web version of the real Museum located in Quantico, Virginia.

    With in-depth, special educational features on exhibits, galleries and artifacts as well as Museum docents sharing their stories of Marine Corps history, the Virtual Experience will bring the NMMC right into your home or classroom. Through a series of high-definition, 360 degree panoramic tours, audio narratives and extensive multi-media presentations, experience the Museum as if you are actually there. Zoom in close to experience the details of the Legacy Walk Timeline; watch custom videos made exclusively for the NMMC; and view 3-D models of aircraft and other large-scale artifacts throughout the Museum. We hope you enjoy this new resource and take as much pride in it as you do in our National Museum of the Marine Corps.

    Be among the first in the world to get a glimpse at the Virtual Experience!

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    This is AWESOME!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce59 View Post
    This is AWESOME!!!
    X2. I can see me spending some big bucks in the store.

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    Great !!!!

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