Looking for Beirut Corpsman
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    Looking for Beirut Corpsman

    Am looking to talk with devil docs who served in Beirut 1983. Am working on a screenplay and need some info. I served with the 1st MAW at Futenma MCAS November 1982 to Dec 1983. Volunteered summer 1983 to go to Beirut and was denied by command.

    Feel free to email me and lets talk.

    Semper Fi to all

    Robert "doc" Seago, HM3

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    need help

    Hey doc i was at fuetenma at the same time hmla369 i flew to barbados in nov the made my way to beruit on the guam i neef to find the corpsman or dr. That treated .me for head and neck schrappnell wounds about dec 4 83 contact me bluemax_13@ yahoo.com my lifes on the line thanks sgt. Charlie

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