For Sale: Reproduction M1941 Marine Corps Utility Blouses, (HBT's!) Movie used!
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    For Sale: Reproduction M1941 Marine Corps Utility Blouses, (HBT's!) Movie used!

    I have been asked to assist in disposing of items that are in excess of organizational needs, that belong to the United States Marine Corps Historical Company (USMCHC). Included in this are these jackets.

    The USMCHC is pretty much the ONLY outfit these days that the Marine Corps contacts when they need something 'historical', be it uniforms or technical advice. Rest assured, these tops (and the other items that I'll be putting up soon) are EXACTLY what would have been worn in WWII. Down to the color and shade.

    The following is provided, directly from the company:

    These uniforms are film surplus, deliberately distressed, but still wearable. They were used in "Flags of our Fathers", "Windtalkers", and "Letters from Iwo Jima". The uniforms are in possession of the film's Chief Military Historian. These uniforms are in excess of organizational needs and are being surveyed out.

    Jacket sizes range from 40R-44R.

    Price per item is 25.00, plus shipping.

    CHECK OR MO ONLY, made payable to USMCHC. Checks MUST clear before the items will be sent.

    Note: These uniforms are "Hollywood distressed" to appear sun faded (pantone uncoated color #457U to 451U) and worn. They are in various conditions (but all will be wearable/displayable). You will NOT get 'rags' with these uniforms.

    We also have a VERY small supply of severely ripped, frayed, and distressed items good for field or injured impressions. Please ask for details. These are separately priced based on what was done to them.


    I have personally inventoried this stuff, folks and I can tell you that it's VERY cool, and the uniforms are VERY wearable (even just as something to knock around in at military shows). Many of the tops still have black dirt in the pockets leftover from the last filming, in Iceland.

    This is just the 'tip' of the iceberg with this stuff, there will be more to come.


    Buyer to pay shipping. We will ship these items once per week. Everything will be shipped 'Priority' mail. The item will be shipped after the check clears. While I am the authorized agent for the USMCHC, I do not have the space to store it all. But rest assured, you will NOT be unhappy with these.

    The photo, below, shows an EXAMPLE of one of the more 'beat up' tops that are available. The one you get will be in better shape (unless, of course, you WANT a beat up one...)

    Drop me a PM and we'll go from there. There will be more equipment coming, including T-Handle Shovels, Pick Mattocks, a few leggings, some trousers, and ORIGINAL items as well. I'll post those up on a different thread.

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    I thought these might be the Herringbone Utilities.

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    They are....I just used the "Official" name for 'em...

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    Glad to see some one worried about Marine Corps History .If you could shoot me an email or PM when you put the other things up for sale I have a small collection of things I show with my jeep and at home .

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    This picture does not even come close to resembling the Herringbone utilities I was issued upon enlistment.

    It looks more like the sateen utility coat. Maybe its because of being old and tattered.

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    Do you have any old utility caps?

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    Old Marine:

    When did you enlist? These are "movie made" things (but to spec) to represent the 1941 utilities issued.

    Silver Dollar, not as of yet.

    And, I hope to have more stuff 'out' tonite on here. (T-handle shovels, Carlisle Bandage pouches, canteen covers, etc. ALL reproduction, made for the aformentioned movies).

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    Sgt. Lep:

    I enlisted in 1953 and we were issued the herringbone utilities and also th utility cover to match. The cover did not have the stiching across the crown as they do these days. The uniform we were issued looked nothing like the picture you posted. We did have the metal buttons. Best utility uniform the Corps ever had.

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    Ahh, got it. These were the 'first' edition, used in WWII. I know exactly what kind you are talking about. Thank you!

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    I was mistaken....we DO have some trousers, in the following sizes:

    1 Size 32
    1 Size 33 (altered down from a 40, could be put back)
    1 Size 36 (knee blown out, named to Helmstead)
    1 Size 42 (Hole size of a .25 in left leg)

    25.00 each.

    Also have some "Special" tops, blood stained (Movie blood) for the same price as the others. Sizes from 40R-44R.

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    Folks, haven't updated this in a bit. I've unearthed quite a bit more from the warehouse, as follows:

    OK folks, good news for those of you seeking trousers!!! Digging through a crate at the warehouse, I uncovered a pile of P41 trousers and wanted to get them posted!!!

    Any damage or 'issues' are so noted in the description.

    Number available Size Damage, if any

    1 30 (No substantial damage)
    1 31 (Damage inside at left buttonhole/blood/crud)
    2 32 (No substantial damage)
    1 32 (Squibbed, Rt thigh, large holes)
    4 34 (No substantial damage)
    1 34 (Blood Right rear)
    1 34 (R Leg cuff, holes)
    1 34 (Tag marked 34 but inside stamped 32, ripped lower butt)
    2 36 (No substantial damage)
    1 36 (2” hole left knee)
    1 38 (No substantial damage)

    I also found 11 Size '38R' Tops. All in decent, used condition.

    Prices remain 25.00 each.

    Still remaining, 2 pair of Boondockers, with heels, 1 is size 9D, the other is 10D. Price is 75.00 pr.

    Also still have plenty of other tops, as indicated, as well as some other trousers.

    Canteen covers and Carlisle pouches as well. Mostly of the 'non damaged' variety, but have a few that have broken snaps if anyone is interested in those. (1/2 price for the damaged ones).
    By all means, PM with your wants. Thanks!

    Lastly, the quality of the top/bottom you will get is going to look MUCH better than the one pictured. That one is one of the 'movie bloody' deals we have. Good for that 'Been there' look.

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