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    Go ahead and boot me, I just registered so I could say this anyway.

    WMarine, blah blahblah blah blah

    Other wise, i expect you to be at parade rest right now, as a Sgt is talking to you.

    Do (blahblahblahblahblah)

    so STFU. blah blah blah blah.


    Sgt Leprechaun comment: Edited for clarity. Someone had their panties in a wad. Said panties were unwadded and extracted via the Black helicopters. Along with said boot Sgt (allegedly).

    Let this be a lesson on how NOT to act.

    Note the title of this FORUM, right above our brain housing groups, here:

    "Remember to be courteous and respectful."

    Last edited by Sgt Leprechaun; 06-15-10 at 08:36 AM. Reason: Instructional purposes for the good of the order

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    I can here the Black Helicopters now..........

    - .... . / ..-. . .-- --..-- / - .... . / .--. .-. --- ..- -.. --..-- / - .... . / -- .- .-. .. -. . ... .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

    [SIZE=2][B][I][COLOR=#FF0000]All Marine, All The Time...:flag:[/COLOR][/I][/B][/SIZE]

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    WMarine has many friends here and I'm one of them. Free country, your opinion but you are being incredibly disrespectful not only to a fellow Marine but to a woman as well

    I can hear them as well Rocky, not far off

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    Yes, there is a reason I served one year......I broke my ankle and had complications from it, so I got out. Satisfied. Sorry I don't meet "your" standards on being a Marine. I went through boot camp and EARNED my Eagle Globe and Anchor just like every Marine before me.

    You have anything else to say to me, take it up PM, not on the boards.

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    Your opinion was duly noted....but rest assured nobody gives a shiat what you think Sergeant!

    It's too early to foking with you!

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    Haha all is good in the hood Phantom Blooper. My opinion is my opinion, even if I share it with a lot of other people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt9Sgt View Post
    I have silkies with more TIS than you had.
    Silkies?!?!?! You male or female? Can't tell by your profile there buttercup.

    Lisa - it amazes me how these young ones come in here and call somebody out and don't want to tell you who they are. Since this one has "silkies" with more TIS than you, I'll assume it's a b!tch and she just doesn't have the balls.

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    Male brother, silkies kick ass as boxers. BTW, I've already received 3 private messages thanking me for saying this.

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    They have been called....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt9Sgt View Post
    ...and that is exactly why that I don't care if I violate the rules and/or get booted. There are much better USMC forums out there and where I can say what I want.
    Oh noooooo I didn't follow the rules. Did I make the PFC mad?

    On your way out, Dont let the door
    hit you where the Good Lord split you.

    Leprechaun edit for clarity. "Don't go away mad...just go away".

    Last edited by Sgt Leprechaun; 06-15-10 at 08:43 AM. Reason: Leprechaun humor.

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    Ohhhhh nooooooooo

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    - .... . / ..-. . .-- --..-- / - .... . / .--. .-. --- ..- -.. --..-- / - .... . / -- .- .-. .. -. . ... .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

    [SIZE=2][B][I][COLOR=#FF0000]All Marine, All The Time...:flag:[/COLOR][/I][/B][/SIZE]

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    Sgt (in 3 years - 2007 to present) whoever you are, say what you want, you're not worth getting in trouble over.
    Oh, and you'll be suprised on what other forums I belong to.

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    3 years is correct, meritoriusly I might add. And i owe a large part of it to speaking my mind and saying what others don't want to


    Career tip: Check out the "Spelling for Marines" MCI.

    You might also take a glance at the NCO Handbook under "Leadership".

    Last edited by Sgt Leprechaun; 06-15-10 at 08:45 AM. Reason: Career advice.

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