MEPS Question.
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Thread: MEPS Question.

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    MEPS Question.

    Hi Marines, Was just wondering if MEPS ever messed up or have You heard of Them messing up on Anybody's ASVAB scores? Thank You very much for Your responses.

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    MEPS at a Glance
    An Overview of the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)

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    Thank You for that Site WMarine, I have already gone and I've done all of the other testing, did the ASVAB last and I got a 40 on it but since I am Homeschooled They said I needed a 50, But all of the questions were so easy which does'nt make much sense to Me but oh well, So now I have to wait till the 14th of next month to go back, but I also needed a Waiver so...

    Well that was My question Thank You Ma'am for the response! If any other Marines have any more Info please Share.

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    Get a study guide for the ASVAB and work on it. You'd be surprised how much it will help.

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