My CO interview is Saturday, wish me luck!
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    My CO interview is Saturday, wish me luck!

    Well the final step is here!! I have my Commanding officer review(for the units endorsement) Saturday at 10! Ill be meeting with the LT COl and the Sgt Major. Ill give it my best and Ive had some good Marines put in some strong letters of recommendation for me so its go time!!!!!!! Semper Fi

    PS this is for a 3531 slot up at H&S Company 1/24 in Mt clemens MI at Selfrdige ANGB

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    Positive energy! Tell yourself the slot is already yours!

    I'll be pulling for ya!

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    Good luck man! I'm with MWSG-47 on the other side of Selfridge, we actually start our AT on Sunday night. Kick some ass and let us know how it goes!

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    Oh and PS - "Who's that faggot with the tuba?"

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    hahahah dont ge me started on that "f*uck salt" !!!!!!! lol

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    Hey juice, find out if there are any motor t openings at mwsg-47, that is where I wanted to go. Are you guys looking at getting deployed in 2011?

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    I'll call her a *****. I'll call her a ***** right in front of her TITS.

    I'll have to check this weekend and let ya know when I get back. Our AT is from 13 Jun to 27 Jun so it'll be awhile. Why don't you just call them? Try (586) 239......6434, or 2057. My roster has Sgt Turner, Cpl Serra or Cpl Retter listed, but who knows how old it is. Lemme know if there's anything else I can help you with.

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    cool Ill do that now! Have fun at AT. You guys going to Cali as well?

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    Negative. Fort Custer and Quantico...I believe we're swinging by Gettysburgh and D.C. at some point too.

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    nice!! I think 1/24 is going out west. You guys gonna be deployed in 2011?

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    Quote Originally Posted by motox151 View Post
    You guys gonna be deployed in 2011?
    Nope, although that would be the ****! Can't wait to get downrange again.

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    Good Luck Kris!!!

    Semper Fi,

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    thanks everyone, Ill keep everyone posted!! S/F

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