Army MOS Conversion to USMC MOS
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    Army MOS Conversion to USMC MOS

    As being a 13F20 which is a Fire Support Specialist with my position being a Forward Observer in the Army I was looking at what the 0861 Fire Support Man. It seems that there is a higher probability of calling in CAS then compared to the Army even with the JFO school. This seems to interest me more than just being a 03xx. Would my Fire Support School(which was at Ft Sill) count as MASOC or would it not, ? I would just like to be able to call in CAS without handing it off to a JTAC since the Army has no fix wing we have to always relay it to a JTAC or ALO to "double check" our work. CFF with Arty and Mortars is fun but I always had a blast with the JTACs when we did cross training and there is nothing like CAS. This seems more of an MOS that I would be inclined to and wiling to take 3 ranks down for transfer because I know Fire Support. If any 0861 guys can chime in and let me know that would be great.

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    You would have to do the Masoc course along with Boot Camp and MCT. When you graduate Masoc your are not an 0861 you still need to go to Coranado CA for the fire support man course before you are awarded the mos.

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