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    We have it every 2nd saturday of every month.. wish we had it at least every 2 weeks but whatev :|

    I'm number 1 in my function and I work out everyday so it's all good

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilDogsSon269 View Post
    WTF I feel like our RSS is trying to make us into mega-Marines compared to how often they make you work. We do PT 4 days a week mandatory, fridays optional, every other saturday is a 10 mile hump, and the first saturday of every month is a pool function. Once a year we have a Pool event where the 13 RSS and the sub stations below the RSS go and PT with PI Drill Instructors and we have some healthy competition. I dont mind it though gets us more prepared for whats to come. Gunny makes PT fun.
    Holy sh*t! Either your recruiters have no family life, or the poolies of the past have sucked! That's insane to make PT 4 days a week mandatory. Maybe it's because I'm 23 and live an hour and a half from my RSS, but I was never once told that anything is mandatory. PT is offered once a week and there is a pool function one Saturday a month. I usually go to one PT and the pool function, and I work out on my own 6 days a week. The yearly pool event with the PI Drill Instructors sounds pretty sweet though. I hope Chicago has something like that before I leave.

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    We have optional PT on Thursdays but that's usually just running and upper body workouts. There are mandatory functions every 2nd Saturday of each month and we do anything from field days to paintball. I'm doing CrossFit when we're not doing PT. It's addicting.

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    Whenever my wife lets me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    We ( RSS Ft. Lauderdale) PT Mondays (optional) Wednesdays and Fridays... Pool Function i think is once a month. PT isnt "suppose" to be mandatory and doing it 4 days in a row should be fun but over kill. Shin splints anyone?

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    oh man i got my first ever shin splints a month ago from going running with the other poolees on freaking hills(pavement). rested and applied ice for a week. i dont pt everyday... your body needs breaks in between so that your muscles can develop

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    About those yearly pool functions we had ours here at Ft. Lewis on May 1st that was pretty awesome seeing all the other poolees and the Drill Instructors i was surprised to see that other RSS' have way more people than the Covington RSS that i go to we had 15 people when the others had around 30-40. But i heard that this year the Drill Instructors had to lighten up a little bit cause apparently last year their yelling made a few poolees drop out before boot camp (?) but i saw one girl get yelled at for not sounding off that was something.

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    RSS Jonesboro has them Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. PT is optional if you're exceeding on your ISTs thought

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    PT is mandatory for us. We dont do the same muscle groups everyday. Some PT are field days (indoors cleaning). Wednesdays are drill days/study days so we take an easy core PT. The recruiter that runs most of our PTs is single and its his job to get us fit. He gets done at 7:30 and we go home. Not a late night. Trust me PT does well some of you should try to get your recruiters to make more time for PT sessions. Outside of PT I would have never pushed myself without them backing me. PT does the body good pushes pain and breeds strength. My IST scores are great...
    Pull ups:14
    Sit ups: 135
    Run: 11.05

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    I don't think anyone on here is of the opinion that PT isn't good, we just have enough self motivation to do it on our own! The one thing I do wish we did is drill; I did some basic drill movements with the M16 once for a pool function and I loved it! I do think I'd go to PT more if I lived closer, though.

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    i didnt say I wasnt motivated to pt on my own, however no one but a Marine on this site can say that they would PT that hard without being pushed in PT I can say its the hardest workout Ive ever done and I would never work out that rigorous if I wasnt required to. Idk what all other poolees do at their PT but I know our CO makes the recruiters bust ass on PT.

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    Every other Saturday. I know there's a few Poolees who go to the RSS to get more training, but I'm not sure how often

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    Our RS is every Thursday, and the second Saturday of every month.

    So I workout Mon-Tues-Weds & Fri on my own with Saturday and Sundays [With the exception of the 2nd Saturday of the month] as rest days.

    Even if your RS does PT often, I would PT outside the RS, some people at my RS got dropped for not putting an effort and relying on the Thursdays and second Saturday to get in shape.

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    PT 4 times a week maditory monday thru thursday and saturdays once a month.

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