too old for Recon?
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    too old for Recon?

    Sorry if this has been asked before; I couldn't find it through the search function. I wanted to know whether there is an age limit on Recon selection or whether recon candidates are viewed more or less favorably on the basis of age. I'm 28 and am in pretty good shape (close to a 300 PFT now), am a good swimmer, and I'm signed up as a 0300. As far as I've read I meet the basic requirements to try out so far. Right now I'm focused first and foremost on preparing for boot camp and SOI but I'm interested to know whether I'd get a shot at Recon once I meet these challenges. thanks

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    This one, you didn't even need the search bar for as it's on the main page of the Ask A Marine forum in the sticky section, 2nd thread down.

    Recon Explained

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    No age limit, if you can perform then there's no problem. In fact the older guys here are looked up too and usually get treated better due to their higher maturity level and for having more "life" experience. Just be prepared to have guys a lot younger than you in charge of you.

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    Shouldnt be a problem

    I was 28 in Boot Camp and ITB - series Honorman at Boot (lost Co Honorman to another 28yr old) and Company Honorman at ITB. The older Recruits always seem to do better.

    Just be prepared as your Drill and Combat Instructors will all be younger than you... and will prolly give you nicknames and ask you if you need a walker, etc

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    I went through BRC at 30 and I wasn't even the oldest guy in my class, one guy was 32. Yeah, you don't recover like you did when you were 20 or even 25 but everyone else going through that course is broke off too. You should have the advantage of knowing how to shut up, suck it up and keep moving.

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    Well arent we just a bunch of old guys going through bootcamp and SOI .I turned 29 when I was at MCT lol.

    The fact is you can do anything you want as long as you could handle it. Recon training is tough I seen those Marines running around SOI in boots with 100 pds packs and its for miles . I did talk to one of the Marines that went through the training he said you can get through the PT portion but what really makes a man out of you is when they throw you in the pool.

    Good Luck I hope you make it !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by karlv65 View Post
    Recon training is tough I seen those Marines running around SOI in boots with 100 pds packs and its for miles.
    Yes it is tough but no 100 lbs packs. I my buddy is an instructor at BRC and said the heaviest pack is less than 60 lbs. My buddy suggested train for a 8 mile ruck run with a 45 lbs pack in 2 hours. Swim is 2,000 meters with fins and a pack, pulled or push (swimmers choice).

    To the OP, it is rank not age that kills your dreams. One of my Cpls that is 33 just left for the pipeline. He came in at 30 and turned 31 in Recruit Training. PM me and I will forward our questions to my buddy about the physical fitness standards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MicMarine View Post
    Yes it is tough but no 100 lbs packs....
    That's good to hear, because it's no fun feeling like a jaded old pack mule with chronic back pain...


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    speak For Yourself.....dave!!!!

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    quit hoggin all the advil, doc

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    A little late responding but thanks for your replies. I have a few more questions for you guys if you don't mind.

    I signed up as a 03 but not with an UZ/0321 contract. I've heard that with this you're guaranteed a slot at BRC after completing SOI if you have a 285 pft, level 1 cws, and expert qualified with rifle. If you don't have the contract what is the process like? I've read they sometimes screen for Recon candidates at ITB but not always. Other ways?

    separate issue: I'm signed up to be in the Reserves because I wasn't offered active duty by my recruiter on account of my education (B.A.). I was told I could go active duty after graduating SOI after I go to my unit. Is this guaranteed and if so how long does it take?

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