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    This is a question for the Marines on these boards. Currentl, I train in Brazilian JiuJitsu and Muay Thai Boxing. I am training to fight full contact Vale Tudo, similar to what you see in Pride and/or Ultimate Fighting Championships, but obviously not at that level yet. I am going to be an infantry Marine hopefully. Are there any opportunities to be on the Marine Corps Submission team, and if so, do you have any contact information or information in general? Also, I heard that the Marine Corps is considering starting a No Holds Barred team. Any info on this? Are there opportunities to fight No Holds Barred outside of the Marine Corps? Like are there places to train in JiuJitsu and such near bases and are you allowed to enter tournaments, even though there is the possibility of injury? Thanks for your time and help.

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    I'm am not a Marine, so, in a sense, I am not qualified to answer your question(s) precisely.
    Both of my sons are also schooled in the disciplines that you have listed. One now serves as an active Marine. I visit other Marine Corps Support Websites where your very question has been asked many times but maybe not in the same sequence. All I can say, from what I have read, heard and understood, is that you should keep what you are learning and what you have learned in a bag until after MCRD. Consider the skills that you have as supplemental until after MCRD. Having your acquired skills is certainly a plus but you are going to have to let your Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructors complete their assigned tasks as they are prescribed.
    One of my sons, who was in a "Sister Service" participated in quite a few "Submission Matches" on Base while active and that took some doing. Because these matches were meant to build up morale they were tolerated. They were tolerated for just a little while. Sometimes it all depends on "The Colonel".
    I don't know about fighting "No Holds Barred" fights outside of the Marine Corps.(you are speaking, I imagine, of fighting outside the specific boundaries of a Marine Corps Camp). I don't think that it would be possible to do such a thing like that unless the event was sanctioned (maybe by the AAU.) and approved by "Senior Management".
    Whatever transpires or evolves, I certainly wish you the best. You might wish to visit, say, the Camp Lejeune website and search for SemperFit, as well as, other Enlisted Marine activities.
    Good Luck.

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