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    Smile Pros & Cons of Motor T

    Hey I was just wondering what the pros and cons were of choosing to go into motor transportation. Since I wanted to go into infantry, I cant because I'm a female, but I heard that Motor T was kind of like infantry.
    If you could tell me your opinions that would be great!

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    It's Marines, not hey.
    And I have no idea how you think "motor t" is like infantry.

    United States Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions and Qualification Factors

    The motor transport OccFld includes the operations and maintenance functions within the tactical and commercial motor vehicle services. Qualifications required include driving and maintenance skills of automotive vehicles and the ability to work closely with others. The duties require hard technical skills supplemented by administrative and managerial skills. Motor transport Marines will be required to learn vehicle operator and maintenance procedures, personnel and operations management techniques, preparation of orders and directives, and record keeping procedures. Formal schooling and standardized training is provided to
    Marines entering the OccFld. Types of entry-level jobs available include work as a light or heavy vehicle operator and organizational or intermediate maintenance mechanic. There is a wide variety of billets available in the OccFld ranging from duty at all staff levels of the division, wing, and force service support group to the opportunity to serve in smaller organizations/units. Marines entering this OccFld will receive MOS 3500, Basic Motor Transport Marine. Request for waivers of requirements/prerequisites should be directed to the MOS 3500 specialist, I&L Department, Code LPM, Headquarters Marine Corps.

    Below are the Marine Corps Enlisted Military Occupation Specialties which are organized under this occupational field:
    3521 --Automotive Organizational Mechanic
    3522 --Automotive Intermediate Mechanic
    3523 --Logistics Vehicle System Mechanic
    3524 --Fuel and Electrical Systems Mechanic
    3526 --Crash/Fire/Rescue Vehicle Mechanic
    3529 --Motor Transport Maintenance Chief
    3531 --Motor Vehicle Operator
    3533 --Logistics Vehicle System Operator
    3534 --Semitrailer Refueler operator
    3536 --Vehicle Recovery Operator
    3537 --Motor Transport Operations Chief
    3538 --Licensing Examiner

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    Meagan92, choose an MOS that you are going to like, something that will benefit you after you get out of the Marine Corps, that is, if you make it through boot camp/recruit training.
    Don't just pick an MOS because it sounds good, or that it's something close to infantry, which we all know that females aren't allowed to hold that MOS.

    United States Marine Corps Enlisted Job Descriptions and Qualification Factors
    Main Menu

    Furthermore, the Marines group MOS's with similar functions together into groups called "Occupational Fields." Below are the occupational fields for Marine Corps enlisted jobs. Click on each field number for a listing of each MOS (job) that falls within that field:

    • 01 -- Personnel and Administration
      02 -- Intelligence
      03 -- Infantry
      04 -- Logistics
      05 -- Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Plans
      06 -- Communications
      08 -- Field Artillery
      09 -- Training
      11 -- Utilities
      13 -- Engineer, Construction, Facilities, and Equipment
      18 -- Tank and Assault Amphibious Vehicle
      21 -- Ground Ordnance Maintenance
      23 -- Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance Disposal
      26 -- Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare
      27 -- Linguist
      28 -- Ground Electronics Maintenance
      30 -- Supply Administration and Operations
      31 -- Traffic Management
      33 --Food Service
      34 --Financial Management
      35 -- Motor Transport
      41 -- Marine Corps Community Services
      43 --Public Affairs
      44 -- Legal Services
      46 -- Combat Camera
      55 -- Music
      57 -- Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense
      58 -- Military Police and Corrections
      59 --Electronics Maintenance
      60/61/62 -- Aircraft Maintenance
      63/64 --Avionics
      65 --Aviation Ordnance
      66 -- Aviation Logistics
      68 -- Meteorology and Oceanography
      70 -- Airfield Services
      72 -- Air Control/Air Support/Anti-air Warfare/Air Traffic Control
      73 --Navigation Officer/Enlisted Flight Crews 80 -- Miscellaneous Requirements MOSs

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    Well Just About All Of These Posts Are Incorrect, 1 Because Most Of The Jobs Dont Exist Anymore. I Am A Logistics Vehicle Operator, I Drive 7 Tons, Hmmwvs, And Lvs Trucks. I Went Through Basic Motor Trans School At Fort Leonardwood, Which Is Cold As Hell. Then After That I Went Thro Lvs School Still At Ft. Leonardwood. The Bad Side Of Motor T Is That 1, There Arent Anymore 33's. 2 You Have To Wait Around All Day On Grunts To Stop Counting Like Idiots And Get Into Your Truck. 3, Sometimes You Do Long Convoys At A Slow Speed. And The Final.... Ieds.

    I Love Everything About Motor T, Every Motor T Platoon Ive Been In, Has Been Amazing, Wouldnt Trade My Marines For Anyone Else.

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