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    Mos 1371

    I know I've seen a 1371 post round here somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Granted I HAVE been turning Google inside out to find it so I might have seen it on a different site but that's moot point.

    I would like to know what exactly does 1371 entail? As I have said in my 'Fitness' post I have delusions of grandeur like every poolee/wannabe, Recon seems like this big and extremelely prestigious position, (a la "Oh my sweet desert-joggin', camel spider-eatin' Moses them Recon boys is such badasses!! I wanna be just like them when I grow up!!" *fanboy squeal*) but I'm not holding my breath. The MOS I signed my contract hoping to get officially is Combat Engineer, and I know I'd be happy with that too.

    From what I can gather 1371 entails, construction of combat field material, the seemingly more fun DEstruction of combat field material, IED/convential ordnance identification (I'm assuming disposal goes under EOD as there name pretty much points that out point-blank) and all sorts of minscule operations. And I've also seen a post somewhere talking about the different positions you can get put in, but I'd like an official explanation from a 'been there, done that' Devil Dog mentor, so as to avoid hearsay and the infamous rumors that seem to circulate hopefuls about Marine MOS.

    I joined the Corps to be combat-specified despite my 93 QT, and I joined the closest thing combat-specified that could take advantage of my score to make all my critics happy. ("You can use that 120 GT to do anything why are you trying to be a grunt?? Wasted potential! Blah blah blah.") I just would like to know what I'm getting into. 'Adapt and overcome' is the best advice anyone could give you, but it's a lot better to know what you're getting into before anything else.

    Thank you, Firefighter Gray

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    Thank you! I knew I saw those posts somewhere!

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    Welcome! All it takes is doing a search on the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WMarine View Post
    Welcome! All it takes is doing a search on the site.
    Holy $h!t you can search this site? Get out of town! Oh wait, I knew that. It funny how he has a GT of 120 but can't figure out the search function????

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    Quote Originally Posted by MicMarine View Post
    Holy $h!t you can search this site? Get out of town! Oh wait, I knew that. It funny how he has a GT of 120 but can't figure out the search function????
    LOL! Unbelievable, huh!

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    Addressing the search thingy. We tell them to do a search. I want you salty jarheads to try a little experiment. Log out then come back in guest mode. There is a log out button and you should get a message that your log in cookie has been deleted. I'm not saying go away but am saying try this. After you return as a guest (don't log in just browse), click on search. You'll be presented with one of those crazy looking boxes and type what you see here to continue. The only problem is the box is freaking blank. There is no authentication text for you to type. Nothing nada nope. The search bombs. What is available to them ie search is to go forum by forum and thread by thread. Basically if you are not logged in as a Marine then the search function doesn't work.

    Give it a try.

    WMarine that was very helpful to find a few pertinent threads for the lad. Keep up the good work

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    i've been there and done that as an Combat Engineer! I've been stationed with Division, MLG, and Base! Never got to the wing thank god, heard it was terrible there. send me a PM if you have any questions outside from the information you may have read already!

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    Thank you all and that explains why my search showed up blank!
    And to the GT of 120 and no search thing, knowledge and common sense don't always go hand in hand haha! I'm still a pop-n-fresh poolee you Jarheads still need to curbstomp it into my head!! And I'll be sure to PM you for any more questions that may pop into my head! I'm dreading getting to wing if I do get that MOS!!

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    If any poolees and wannabes are having trouble using the search bar, then you should PM one of the mods to let them know about this.
    If they don't know about this, then they can't fix it.

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    Understood! I don't know if this is a valid point but I wasn't aware I was having trouble with the search engine, I kind of figured that I had seen the thread on a different USMC message board. But now that that's out of the way I guess the only thing I can do is wait for a mod to lock and delete this thread and I'll PM Sgt. Komenko for any other 1371 questions that may come to mind.

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    Well, if your search engine turns up blank, that should be a sign right there.
    And why would you wait for a mod to delete or lock this thread like you say?

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    Appearntly the block function is working. I must have hurt the capital M .. ess on Corps police feelings.

    Remember you can be banned from joining the Marine Corps if you fornicate or kill a chicken. Buy your chicken at the grocery store and watch porn.

    Unread copy paste gets your name put on it as soon as you post it.

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    Bulkyker, if you're referring to me, no one has hurt my feelings.

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    Lisa I wasn't really pointing a finger at you. I really wasn't.
    I did want folks to understand that the search is all frucked up and telling a newby to use the search is not productive.

    We can run a search for them if neccessary and it may be more productive. Good luck contacting the mods and complaining about anything that is broke.

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