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    Quote Originally Posted by PGN63 View Post

    Tomas is doing fine, he hasn't had a blood tranfusion, platelets, or IVIG in a while. He should come off treatment in November, it's a 3 yr, 2 month treatment for boys.

    Donating to the military blood supply is the best thing to do.

    Dan, I filled in my profile as per recommendation.

    Glad your son is doing well. Here's hoping for a free and clear life!!

    Thanks for filling in your profile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulkyker View Post
    My wife retires very soon. Is there some kind of map that shows where tri-care prime is or is not available? Our plans right now are northern NC.
    You better be careful. The area I moved to is in northeastern NC. When I retired it was a prime area. Then about 4 years later, they changed it. When I called the lying sacks of $hit tried to tell me my area was never a prime area--until I produced my Tricare Prime card. This area is controlled by the USCG. They're totally useless in dealing with any issue. Tricare's recommendation was that I simply quit my job, sell my house, pull my kids from school and their friends and move to another part of the country.

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    AAV, I was basically at "Terminal rank" in my MOS and didn't want to re-class and go through yet another school, then get to 7 level to get a chance for promotion. Luckily, I have 15 years prior service AD time and the rest was reserves, so my 'points' are substantial. It was basically time for me to 'pull the plug'. But I enjoyed the heck out of every minute of my 20 years believe me.

    MSgt, I didn't know that about T/C prime...that sux.

    And I would gladly donate blood/platlets for a member of 'our' extended family here if needed. I'm already in the Blood marrow registry.

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    PGN63: Sorry to hear about you son. I had a daughter who had Luekemia back in 1971-1973. I came to the point where the docs asked us to sign for expermental drugs and we did. The docs said that it may not help her, but may help some other child down the road. I like to think that today it is helping some child somewhere with Luekemia.

    I retired 37 years ago and the wife and I are both on Prime for Life. We have a lot of medical problems and since being put on Prime for Life have never had to pay a red cent for tests or doctor visits. What Medicare does not pick up, Prime for Life does.

    Anyone who completes 10 years of active service is a fool to give it up. Its all downhill from there. You can take that to the bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post
    I like to think that today it is helping some child somewhere with Luekemia.
    Yes, the sacrifice that you and your family did back then has helped children live through this journey. All of that intel is fed into the Children's Oncological Group and what you did back then has helped Tomas.

    I owe you big time.

    The local God Squad Newspaper did an article on Tomas this week, here's a face of a child that you helped save:

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    Our daughter also also had lymphoblastic luekemia. This is a terrible thing for you and your family to have to go through. Our prayers are with your family. When our daughter got this, there were 19 children being treated at Naval Hospital, San Diego. When our daughter went to heaven two years later there were just two still being treated there. We spent many nights sleeping in the room at the hospital. Many spinal taps and all the luekemia medicines they had at the time. Adult luekemia is one thing, but children should not have to go through all the pain that is associated with this.

    Again, our prayers are with you and your family.

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