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    Marine Corps Deployment

    ok, so I am currently in C school, I am an Air Winger, yes the pogiest of pogs, i know, I hate it, but thats not my question, I am wondering if it is possible to volunteer for a deployments, I have heard rumors in the past that anyone can volunteer for a "security deployment" once they are a fleet Marine, as I will one here in a few months, I would LOVE to deploy, I don't even care if I am burning **** or serving post, I just want to deploy and I'm not sure how, and I'm a little afraid to ask my chain of command currently for 2 reasons, 1, I'm still in C school there is no point, and 2, I am an air winger, and its not something any of us normally do, I don't particularly want to just get laughed at, so I'm looking for some information before doing so. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I can't help you with your questions, but how about squaring away your profile there Marine so all other Marines know who they are talking to.

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    i just made this profile literally minutes ago and posted this thread, but i am working on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMCHoliday View Post
    i just made this profile literally minutes ago and posted this thread, but i am working on it.

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    What specifically do you do in the Air Wing? If you are attached to an actual jet or chopper squadron, it's likely you'll deploy with them in the natural course of things anyway. We still need mechanics and ordinance and crash fire rescue Marines with the wing when they ship out overseas after all!
    If you get attached to Station personnel at your first permanent duty station, it might be a little more complicated, depending on the manpower situation for your particular unit. The monitor doesn't send Marines to a duty station because they don't need manpower there in the first place.

    Wait until you receive orders to your first duty station and get settled in with your chain of command there. Your first responsibility is the learn proficiency in your MOS, and no one is likely to send you anywhere until you are able to demonstrate that you are competent at your job in the actual Fleet Marine Force outside of the training environment.
    Once you've settled into your first duty station, talk to your chain of command. Ideally the CPL or SGT immediately in charge of you is the best person to talk to, as they will know you best and be in the best position to advise you and help you out if they feel you are up to it.

    Don't forget, at the end of the day, it's Needs of the Marine Corps first.

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    I recognize the Navy term of referance to a school as A or B. I'm a little behind the times though. I could take a WAG and MCT could possibly be referred to as A school. Maybe MOS school could be B school. What is C school?

    Trust me on this one .... you're in the Marine Corps your gonna deploy or at least get stationed somewhere far far from home.

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    MOS school is A school Bulky, any additional training (in his case, probably for a specific aircraft) would be a C school. I have no idea where B school went. Maybe that ties in with B billets, I have no idea.

    OP, if you'd rather be burning **** in Afghanistan instead of doing your job in garrison, you're an idiot.

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    He is in a Navy school. The Navy has two levels of enlisted rate (MOS) schools. A simpler course is an "A" school. In the Corps FROC would be an "A" school.

    More advanced schools are "C" schools, usually more complex or hard subjects/more in depth. Avionics test repairer would be a "C" school in the Corps.

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    USMCHoliday, when a unit is set to deploy without the proper TO then requests get sent out to other units to help fill that TO. IF your unit gets a request, AND your CO wants to let someone go fill it AND they let you know about it then you could possibly have the choice to go.

    In my experience, there are usually more people who want to go on deployment than there are spots to go. How each unit decides who goes varies from unit to unit.

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    thanks for all the good answers! unfortunately i guess it's gonna be harder to deploy in the Marine Corps than expected. damn

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