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    Dear Marines

    Dear Marines,

    The United States Marines represent the finest Men and Women this world has ever known, and this is my thank you letter to you.

    Be Proud Marines, for you are Teufelshunde! that battle hardened devil dog born in the fires of war on November 10th 1775 who charged through history like a great rabid beast, pouring out his wrath like a God, winning countless battles, devouring countless enemies and defeating the greatest threats to freedom the world has ever known.

    And here that ol Devil Dog stands today, in victory, licking the blood of conquered foes from his claws, silently watching our enemy with unwavering eyes of fire, ready to pounce, to burn, to annihilate and devoured any threat to our freedom.

    To lovers of freedom, he is a savior, to enemies of freedom, he is Judgment.

    As a Marine, you are a part of that savage and magnificent defender. You are the mother fu**ing hammer and fire at the forge of freedom. There is no greater honor; there is no greater cause for pride.
    So God bless that ol Devil Dog, and God bless you for your sacrifice.

    Thank you, for doing what those of us either cannot, or will not do.

    Thank you for accepting the hardship of leaving your home, and your loved ones.

    Thank you for the lonely hours spent with nobody to talk to but yourself, in a place you have never been surrounded by dangerous people.

    Thank you for working hard, even when the work seems so useless and repetitive you think it will drive you mad.

    Thank you for the risks you take, for the time you give, for the blood you spill, for the blood you shed and for the lives you risk.

    And thank you for the fear you face when the s*** hits the fan and the killing starts.

    Thank you for keeping Teufelshunde alive. For without you, without the Marines, The United States of America would be so much dust in the wind, and this would be one fu****d up world to live in.

    Another thing, for those of you feeling discouraged by the protesters you see on TV, Ignore those mindless dou**bags. They represent an insignificant portion of the American public and are simply the bi-product of a complacent society. They know nothing about how the real world works so they ignorantly spout their fantastical b******* ideas and march around with their little signs proclaiming their ignorant views to the world in some pathetic attempt to validate their useless existence. Their opinion about the military, the war, cars, zip lock sandwich bags, the breeding rights of spider monkeys, fu****g tooth paste, anything is a joke, and holds about as much credibility as your average sea snail, so don't let it get to you (unless the opinions of sea snails are important to you).

    There are more Americans supporting you than you realize. You may not see us on TV, but that's because the Media won’t cover anything positive (we all know happy sh** is bad for ratings), and unlike most nay sayers, we actually have jobs, and bath, so we don’t have that much time for marching down main street and waving signs to express our support.

    But we are here, we outnumber those ignorant fu**stick protesters 100,000 to one and are doing our part by working hard to keep our economy strong and the home fires burning.

    So stay proud, Kick ass at whatever you do, Blow some s**t up if you get the chance and come home safe. We all love you, and are praying for you.


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    Thank You and Your Welcome.............It was my Pleasure to Serve..............

    You Posted in the " Ask A Marine " Forum.

    Did you have a Question???

    - .... . / ..-. . .-- --..-- / - .... . / .--. .-. --- ..- -.. --..-- / - .... . / -- .- .-. .. -. . ... .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

    All Marine, All The Time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhode Island View Post
    Thank You and Your Welcome.............It was my Pleasure to Serve..............

    You Posted in the " Ask A Marine " Forum.

    Did you have a Question???
    No questions, I posted this here because I couldnt find a better place that I had access too, thats all.

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    Thank you, Beefcake...nice motivation...

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