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    DEP length


    I am in the enlistment process and I am wondering how long I will be in the DEP. I have not gone to MEPS yet and have not signed a contract.

    Can I choose how long I am in the DEP?

    If not, who does?

    Does anyone know if the 1812 MOS is currently available?

    Thank you for your feedback.

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    Fill out all of your profile so the Marines who are going to answer your questions know who they are talking to. And you may also want to read the site rules in the poolee and Ask A Marine forums too.
    Also, do a search on the site for the DEP, as it's been covered before. You may also want to try googling Marine Corps DEP.

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    Thank you sir I filled out the rest of my profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sturmy16 View Post
    Thank you sir I filled out the rest of my profile.
    Do I look like a Sir to you?

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    Sorry, thank you ma'am. I should have read carefully. No disrespect intended.

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