Whats mini boot camp like?
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    Whats mini boot camp like?

    I have mini boot camp coming up May 7th which happened to be my Eagle Scout ceremony's weekend but one of my recruiters got ****ed when I asked if I can just have my Eagle Scout ceremony since we already made the plans months ago at the state capital. Oh well. Then I have boot camp in the following weeks.

    So what will be going on at this mini boot camp, I hear its a weekend stay.

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    In the fall of '08 we had a mini-boot camp at Camp Ripley. It was alot of fun.. We ran the obsticale course and we also shot the National Guards simulator. You shoot a M16 thats connected to an air compressor that actually kicks back, and you actually have to reload. Its alot of fun and im ****ed im missing it also because my brother is having his bachalor party and i'm the best man so I should be there.

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