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    What happen to bAR and the leathernecks???

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    All Mos's Are Accepted, Must Have A Honorable Discharge A Copy Of Your Dd214 Or Active/retired Id Card.

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    Bar Is Now A Leatherneck With LMCI.

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    Leatherneck MC info

    Quote Originally Posted by marines1064 View Post
    Do you need to have a 03 mos to join??
    You need one of several things to join;
    1. Motorcycle
    2. Lic to ride said motorcycle
    3. AFID card (Active/Reserve) or DD214 with Honorable/General Under Honorable discharge from the USMC
    4. Navy Corpsman/Chaplain who have proof of serving with Marines. (Field Medical School Cert)

    Where are you?
    I can try and put u in contact with a Chapter in your area if u like.
    Semper Fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by FONZ57 View Post
    Bar Is Now A Leatherneck With LMCI.
    Thanks to you BROTHER, u made it work out !!!

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    What's the difference between the Leathernecks MC and the Marine's MC? Does anyone know?

    I'm looking into the local MC's

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    Motorcycle Clubs

    Quote Originally Posted by 0amaam View Post
    What's the difference between the Leathernecks MC and the Marine's MC? Does anyone know?

    I'm looking into the local MC's
    The Difference is in the "Name" both are comprised of Marines who ride. Most ppl will say that "Leathernecks" was the first MC for Marines. Also, some Chapters and/or Clubs may require a person to ride an American made motorcycle, others don't.

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    Thank you for the reply, going to look into this more, have some information from a book I read by a local author

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    Leatherneck MC in Maine?

    I saw the older post about Albany, and rather than hijack it I figured I would post a new thread.

    Are their any chapters in the southern Maine area? All the MCs in my area are either law or outlaw, neither I fit into.

    This is all new to me, but have been riding for a few years so I was hoping to get a little info.

    Thanks for the look.


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    There's gotta be ??????
    I've been to Maine,, and there were Motorcycles there...
    I SEEN 'EM....

    I've been to Maine,
    and I've seen the Hockypucks= EGA bumper stickers
    so there must be Marines in Maine.....

    Maybe if you can't/don't find a USMC/MCClub,
    you can start one ???
    It would be about time.....

    Seriously MARINE...
    Good Luck

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    Try looking under the Leathernecks LMCI website. MarinesMC mite be a choice just hard to find anyone around my area, maybe in Maine you'd have better luck.

    I've also come across some Leatherneck MC's that are not part of the National so that mite be an option also.

    Good Luck

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    This is a one time post as we do not advertise for membership. Leathernecks MC (LMCI) Link. ( http://www.leathernecksmc.org )This family is not for every Marine. Just because you are Marine does not give you a right to our MC. We are a cut above. As stated "Not everyone can be a Marine and not every Marine can be a Leatherneck MC Patch holder" There is much that goes into this club besides brotherhood. Those that want it find us. Those that find us don't always get in. Once failed there is no other chances. Those that make it and earn the right to be a brother are very proud and most claim tighter than blood family. Remember the USMC is called the "Suck" well it does suck getting in this family but if you make it its worth the ride. We Work, Ride and Play hard and our better halves appreciate the love and protection, and we are willing to Fight hard to defend it. That said Semper Fi to My Marine Bros and Good luck to those seeking a Leatherneck MC family.

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