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    Back from AWOL

    Been gone for some time now, but am back.Please visit a few sites I have worked on:


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    Thank goodness it's you Gunny. I thought we had an active duty problem child posting "Back from AWOL"

    I like that Dove on the Grace site!

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    Yanky Whiskey

    No YW (Yellow Wing), it's just poor pitiful me. Have been very busy for a 72 year old retiree. How about your self? I am excited about putting out the VMCJ-1 yearbook from '68'69 at Da Nang. There are 100 pages of photos with pictures and names of the men of this squadron. I really hope there are some out there that was with that squadron.

    Until Later,

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    Welcome back Gunny, Semper Fidelis.

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    LOL. Welcome back Gunny, and I was thinking the same thing YW was..."Oh, god...."

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