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    Picking my MOS

    Hello my name is Justin and last Friday I got medically cleared by MEPS out in Brooklyn, and I passed my ASVAB with a 70 scoring a MM(100) GT(106) EI(113) CL(120). In 8 days I get my boot camp date and I pick my job I want to purse. If I graduate boot camp my recruiter says i will be a private first class becuase i have 13 college credits. But has anyone ever done Riverine Assault Craft School? It looks awasome and I love swimming and the water but do they see any combat? Or is there purpose just to transport marines that are going into combat? I rather be in the fight than transporting. Also has anyone here ever tryed Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft school? Same question for this job. Does this job just transport Marines or do they fight? Thanks for reading your opinions will help a lot in better understanding these jobs.

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    Could be wrong, but I don't think either of those are MOSs, but instead schools that some MOSs go to in order to become more proficient at their job.

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    Riverine Assault Craft MOS - (4) MOS assigned as a NMOS to 03 Marines serving in the Small Craft Company, 2d marine Division or any other Marine unit employing the Riverine Assault Craft after graduating from the Riverine Assault Craft Crewman Course, or after undergoing a unit MOJT and six months observed time.

    Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft MOS - (4) MOS assigned as a NMOS after attending the formal school at EWTGPAC, 2d Special Operations Training Group (SOTG), or 3d SOTG Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft Coxswain Skills Course or by Recon Commanders after the Marine attends BRC and completes 6-months of MOJT on coxswain skills ITSs.

    So you have to become an 03 of some sort for the first one, and it looks like Recon for the second one, which means you would see combat.

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    You're barking up the wrong tree in the Corps with those two MOS's. The Navy has the SWCC or special warfare combatant crewman MOS which derived from the special boat squadrons and is a ''brown water'' Navy of thier own flavor. Most small craft usage is done in the MARSOC or Recon, operators for both are generally pulled from 0300 occ fields best of luck

    Cpl Sawyer

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